Trolls Drop To A New Low, Say Mahhi Vij’s Kids Are Not Cute Enough

1:53 pm 13 Jun, 2018


The trolling culture in today’s world is a gut-wrenching reality for many, but that does not mean we have to take it lying down. We are all familiar with MTV’s initiative to bring trolls down by bringing them face to face with the people they mercilessly blabber about. And while this battle between trolls and the rest of the world goes on we’d never thought that this is what it’ll come down to. Trolls recently trolled Mahhi Vij’s kids for their looks!

For those of you who don’t know, Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali adopted their helper’s kids and are taking care of them like their own.

Mahhi with husband Jay Bhanushali and kids. Source

Now for the incident. What happened was, Mahhi Vij and kids, were out to attend a kids birthday party for Krishna and Kashmira Shah’s twin boys. After the party, the press asked Mahi to pose with her kids for some pictures. And Mahhi Vij gave the press what they wanted, have a look:

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@mahhivij with her kids ❤️❤️❤️😍😍

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Cute right!! A mother trying to manage her wandering kids and getting them to pose for a picture. Did you notice how happy the little girl was when getting clicked?

But not everyone thought so. There were trolls who blindly trolled Mahhi for being a bad mother, and the kids for not being cute enough.

While some went on to express how unbelievable it was that they were Mahhi’s kids given their (kids) looks, others couldn’t believe how Mahhi mishandled the kids, adopted or hers.

She’s forcing them??

They r not cute!!

Some people can’t believe they are her kids. (And we can’t believe they are actual people.)

She drags them.

We need laws to prevent celebs from getting clicked with their kids.

Hold their hands not wrists! (We wish you’d hold your tongue.)

She’s using them to gain popularity

They are kids, not products

Who would have thought that trolls had it in them! They have surpassed their previous levels of creepiness and shallowness.

Everyone sane must want to give it off to these trolls who don’t know when to pump the brakes. And so they did! Mahhi’s friends Charlie Chauhan and Arti Singh came to the defense of both the couple and their kids.

Arti Singh, Krishna’s sister who was there for her twin nephew’s birthday party commented on the incident:

Charlie Chauhan also tried to shut the trolls off:

While whatever the trolls did is inexcusable, Mahhi chooses to completely ignore them. Here’s what she told when asked about the incident:

“Why would I drag my kids for gaining limelight? I am enough for it. On top of that, I know how to handle children. Now how can people come to the conclusion that I am dragging the child? Did I pull his hair or catch hold of the kid by his neck?”

After all that has happened, all we want to do is salute Mahhi and Jay. You two really are Rockstars!!




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