Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy Equates Azaan Over Loudspeakers To Noise Caused By Firecrackers

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8:16 pm 18 Oct, 2017


In a tweet, Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy stoked a controversy by drawing a parallel between Azaan (call to prayers in a mosque) with the noise of firecrackers.


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Through his tweets, he stated that the silence of the ‘secular’ crowd over noise pollution by Azaan perplexes him. He also added, “Loudspeakers are not prescribed in Quran or any Haadis.”

He also emphasized that the Muezzin is supposed to shout Aazan from the minarets, and the use of loudspeakers is contrary to Islam. Like Roy, singer Sonu Nigam, too, had stoked a controversy by calling the early morning call for prayer sent out from mosques as “forced religiousness”.

Here is how Twitteratis reacted to it:

Earlier, the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal enforced the existing ban on sale and use of firecrackers that generate sound over 90 decibel and not opt for a blanket ban as is the case in Delhi. There are also restrictions on the bursting of firecrackers from 10 pm on the day of Diwali to 6 am the next morning.

The Supreme Court had earlier ruled that no firecrackers would be sold in Delhi-NCR till October 31. It, however, said Diwali would not be “cracker-free” in Delhi-NCR as people would burst the firecrackers which they had purchased before the ban order.


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Roy is not known to mince words and has often courted controversies for his political straightforwardness. He had earlier termed the Rohingya refugees as a ‘bad lot’ and a ‘security risk’. He also said that the politicians opposing the Centre’s discussion to deport these illegal immigrants were playing ‘dirty politics’.

The 73-year-old Governor had also said that some of these so-called refugees have been found in Kashmir and even aligning with separatists.


He also claimed that if Rohingyas, the majority of whom are Muslims, are allowed to settle in the country, it may prompt an ‘exodus of the Hindus’.