Govt Passes Ordinance To Make Triple Talaq A Non-bailable Offence. Twitterati Rejoice

2:53 pm 19 Sep, 2018


The triple talaq debate in the country had divided the Muslims into two groups with contrasting ideologies. While one group is profoundly against the triple talaq, the other group following the religious establishment justified the practice of instant divorce. However, the latter group could not enjoy an extensive majority since triple talaq is not a fundamental act in the Islam religion.

Interestingly, the Quran also lays a detailed procedure for talaq that is lengthy and carries enough guidelines for the reconciliation in the marriage before its termination. In fact, there are grounds provided by the religious texts on which talaq is allowed, but only after a strict procedure to take every possible effort to save the marriage. But evidently, the Indian Muslim men do not follow this rule.




Therefore, in a massive breakthrough decision, the BJP-led government has issued clearance in the proclamation of the triple talaq ordinance, making this verbal practice followed by Muslim men to separate from their wives, a criminal offense. Now, it will be sent to President Ram Nath Kovind for his final consent which will make this ordinance a law in the Indian constitution.



Now that the Modi government’s judgment on triple talaq has brought a historic change in the perspective of the society, what matters the most is that it puts a pause in the oppression of Muslim women.

Supreme Court’s judgment on triple talaq has achieved many things, but the one that has received comparatively less attention is this: It reverses the narrative of the oppressed Muslim woman. After 72 years of ignorance by the government, burqa-clad Muslim women have become capable enough to fight for their rights to be treated as equals by their husbands.



Fortunately, being regarded as a non-bailable offense now, police cannot grant bail to the accused in the case. Furthermore, FIR will be lodged by police only by the victim (wife), her blood relatives and people closely related to her by the marriage.

While earlier on August 9, the Union Cabinet approved three amendments in the ‘Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill’ after which it was cleared by Lok Sabha. Now, in a historic decision, the government has ensured the pride of Muslim women in India.



Taking their happiness to the social media, netizens have expressed their joy on the criminalization of triple talaq. Have a read at a few of the tweets here:



Celebrations all over!



Well done!












Justice has been served!



Big day for us!








Believe it or not, the triple talaq bill is about the honor and equal status of women in the country and not about religion that bounds them from practicing their rights as the citizens of India. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!