Centre Opposes Practice Of Triple Talaq; Says Dignity Of Women Is Not Negotiable

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10:25 pm 7 Oct, 2016

On the existing debate on ‘triple talaq’ practice, Centre told the Supreme court that dignity of women and gender equality is above such norms.

Centre’s reply came to the court suggestion from it on whether intervening in personal laws of Muslim community would violate their fundamental rights.

The Centre said,”Gender equality and the dignity of women are not negotiable. Even theocratic states have undergone reforms in this area of law which reinforces that these practices cannot be considered an integral part of practice of Islam.”

Further, the Centre said that triple talaq, due to which many women from Muslim community have suffered, doesn’t have place in a secular country.

“Triple talaq is not valid as per the Koran, which stresses mediation and reconciliation before the decision to divorce,” said Zakia Soman, co-founder of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), which campaigns for Muslim women’s rights.


However, All India Muslim Personal Law Board had opposed the decision to reform the personal laws.

AIMPB had said,”The court cannot interfere in the religious freedom of minorities and rewrite personal laws in the name of social reform”.

The organization also created furor by saying that Sharia has granted husbands mode of oral divorce (the triple talaq) because men are better at controlling emotions and therefore unlikely to take impulsive decisions.

As of now, the apex court allows Muslims, the biggest religious minority group in the country, to regulate matters such as marriage, divorce and inheritance through their own civil code.

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