Images Of Tricolor Pork Biryani And Beef Burger Going Viral On Social Media

4:15 pm 16 Aug, 2017


In what seems to be an out and out defiance of the state of things in the country these days, numerous people took to various social media platforms to post images of non-vegetarian food items depicting them as being the focal point of their Independence Day celebrations.

Two among such images have even gone viral, attracting both applause as well as criticism from other social media users. One image showcased a plate of ‘tricolor’ pork biryani. Take a look:

Tricolor Pork Biryani Reddit



If this was not already enough, another photograph immediately went viral on social media. It was a picture of a half-eaten ‘tricolor’ beef burger. Take a look:

Tricolor Beef Burger Reddit


Interestingly enough, while the first image mostly generated laughter among the social media community and received relatively “softer” criticism, the second image of the half-eaten burger was enough to provoke an entire community. The reason? It was beef instead of pork. And killing pigs is absolutely okay to a certain group of people but even touching a cow can spark a riot! Remember Junaid, the teenage Muslim boy who was stabbed to death in a train in UP just before Eid only on baseless presumptions of him carrying beef? Or, the successive mob lynchings reported from numerous regions of India arising out of such presumptions?

When people were busy questioning the consumption of beef burger, this person had a valid point to put forward. Reddit


Now, my question is, what if the boy was actually carrying beef? Or, what if anyone does eat a beef burger on Independence Day or any other day? Is “Independence” limited to singing the National Anthem and watching parades on TV? Since when has India become so regressive as to not allow people to celebrate their individualism and religion? At a time when the entire world is progressing and celebrating individualism, isn’t India just lagging behind – too busy picking on people carrying/eating beef and protecting cows than pondering on more important matters?

Perhaps there was no such religious connotation at all, but criticisms abound. Reddit

At a time when one girl or woman is raped and killed every twenty-two minutes and burnt alive for dowry every 90 minutes in India, don’t you think as Indians we are just wasting our time pondering and spreading enmity over baseless issues?

Sadly, ours is a country where we have gaurakshaks at every other cowshed but no one dares to speak against any atrocity against women. Illegal slaughter houses are banned by the government (which is actually good) but there is hardly any step taken to curb illegal or forced prostitution. A cow is treated with dignity and prayed to but a rape survivor or an acid attack victim takes a lifetime to be accepted in society. All it takes to camouflage the crimes of patriarchy are candle marches and short-lived protests.


Maybe it’s time we celebrate our diversity in the truest sense of the term, instead of just glorifying it on pen and paper, and let people just be! What do you think about it? Your views are important…



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