Trial Rooms In Janpath, Sarojini Nagar And Other Local Markets Will Make Shopping Hassle-Free

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4:09 pm 17 May, 2016


Waking up to this news is a dream come true for every shopaholic. Markets like Sarojini Nagar and Janpath are Delhi’s favourite flea markets. The go-to destination for every fashionista who craves to buy a lot in a small budget. And now these shopping hubs will have trial rooms.

Isn’t this amazing? I bet every girl who loves shopping from these markets must have craved for a trial room at least once.




Janpath is the first market where one such trial room has been setup. Meghna Saraogi, the founder of Styledotme, who has set up the trial room said,

We took permission from New Delhi Municipal Council for setting up a trial room in Janpath and the authorities allowed us to.



In just two days, this concept of a trial room n these markets has become a big hit among the customers. Gunjan Saxena, a 41 year-old homemaker who is a regular customer in Janpath says,

I often pick up wrong sizes as there are no trial rooms. This must be made into a permanent feature.



The sellers who have been there since the last 10 years shared their reasons for not setting up trial rooms.

If it was possible, we would have set up trial rooms years ago, but since we don’t make that much money, we could never come up with it. Hopefully, there would soon be a permanent trial room in Janpath and other flea markets in Delhi.

Though people are really excited with the concept but with trial rooms come many privacy concerns. Girls may hesitate to use public trial rooms. Here are some tips to find out whether the trial room you are in is safe or not.

  1. Your mobile phone can help. Try making calls when inside the trial room. If issues persist then there are chances of being a hidden camera inside.

  2. A two-way mirror allows a person to look from the other side of the mirror. If you touch a real mirror there would always be space between the tip of your finger and its reflection, if not, it’s a two-way mirror.

  3. Switch off the light in the trial room. Now open your mobile’s torch in front of the mirror, if there is an observation room on the other side, you would be able to see that.

  4. Try looking through the mirror covering your eye from all the sides to avoid light. The other side will be visible this way.



Source: HT

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