12 Hilarious Phrases That One Cannot Miss While Traveling In A Local Bus In Kolkata

10:00 am 5 Oct, 2015

Okay, let’s admit it! Commuting in public transport in Kolkata can never bore a person (at times, it can be irritating though). No, the buses aren’t empty and airy (you may perhaps invent a new word to describe the ‘humidity’ and breathlessness experienced in the buses on a hot summer morning) nor do they play lovely music to entertain the travelers on a daily basis.

So, what is it that makes it so much fun? Of course, the job is done brilliantly by the conductors and your fellow travelers (perhaps, you too!), with occasional jigs by the traffic sergeants.

In this listicle, we have compiled few hilarious sentences that one can never escape from hearing while traveling in a bus in this ‘City of Joy’—

1. Dicchi…eto tara kisher? Last’e nambo! (What’s the hurry? I shall get down at the last stop.)

We Bengalis are a laid back group. The fact gets established again and again every day when the conductor asks for ticket, and 70% of the commuters reply, “Dicchi…eto tara kisher? Last’e nambo!”

Or, better still, “Paliye jacchi naki!?” (Am I running off?!) We—and our antics! Phew!


2. Howrah, College St., Manicktala, Khanna, Shyambajar…! Or, Park Street, Esplanade, Babughat, Howrah…

And, they would invariably scream these out even when the bus stop remains empty.

3. An award for anyone who spots a conductor pronouncing “Behala” as it is.

They would casually scream BYALA-BYALA, in their typical way, and provide us with a much needed dose of humor to start off, or end, a typically mundane weekday. (‘Behala’ is a neighborhood in Kolkata).

4. Chala, Chala… Ai sala driver icche kore signal khacche! (Drive, Drive, this bloody driver is deliberately delaying!)

This is the anthem of every other agitated passenger struck in traffic for longer time than usual during the rush hours.

5. Khali gari… khali gari (empty bus)

You may often hear the conductor screaming, “Khali gari, khali gari” even when there aren’t any seats available inside. And, sometimes, you may not even find a proper place to rest your feet…and, yet it is ‘khali’ to the conductors.

6. Pechone egiye jaan… pechone egiye jaan! (Move back)

Ah well! The conductors of the single exit buses always find the bus empty at the back.

So, no matter how claustrophobic it is inside, you may still hear them screaming, “Pechone egiye jaan… pechone egiye jaan!”

7. Baye jaa….Baye jaa (Go left)

He’s just asking the driver to go left—but his typical way of screaming along with relentless enthusiasm makes this phrase simply unforgettable!

8. Aisala case kheyeche! (Bloody, has eaten up a case)

Picking up cars and buses regularly for rash driving or not following the traffic rules is common in Kolkata. The buses may be on different routes, but the exclamation by the passengers’ would be the same everywhere: “Aisala case kheyeche!”

And, in case they feel the traffic sergeant has picked the bus for wrong reasons, they’d say: “Aii, mash’re sheshe haath khali!”

9. Baccha ladies!

For short ladies or for the young women, they have a special phrase…Baccha ladies!

10. Aaste ladies kole baccha!

Every single person who has travelled in buses in Kolkata, this phrase is just epic!

11. Aaasteee ladiej

And, this has to be the favorite catchphrase of the bus conductors across Kolkata! After all, chivalry rules!

12. 100 o’ 500 takar khuchra chahiya lojja diben na (Don’t embarrass us by asking for Rs. 100 or 500 change)

Funny or irritating, we’ve got to admit that these conductors are our sole help when it comes to a 100 or 500 rupee change!

“100 o’ 500 takar khuchra chahiya lojja diben na” is inscribed in bold inside every single bus.



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