12 Travel Hacks Everyone Must Know

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2:33 pm 11 Sep, 2015


Travel hacks are meant to save you from all the unwanted troubles attached to this fun activity. Nobody would want uncertainty to ruin their trip. To make yourself ready for the next big journey, take a look at the following travel hacks.

1. Calculating sunset time

When you travel, one of the most important things is to know when the sun will set at the place where you are. For this, place your fingers horizontally between the sun and the horizon. Each finger distance equals to 15 minutes. So, if you can fit in 2 fingers in the space between the sun and the earth, you have half an hour until the sun sets.

2. Hitchhiking

Though a difficult task for travellers in India, hitchhiking is becoming popular in the recent times. At places where you feel you’ll get trustworthy rides, especially during the daylight, try your luck at hitchhiking. Not everyone in India is a criminal.

3. Free food


Food is a basic yet a very expensive thing at tourist places. To get yourself free food, do not hesitate while asking some locals about the popular dishes of the area and gaining sympathy from them for your empty stomach. Keeping atithi devo bhav in mind, you’ll surely get some nice people to feed you for free.

4. Free stay

These days every family has one or more person living away from them for professional reasons. Being the emotional softies that we are, there will be many who will offer you a free home stay at their place, just to fill in that empty space of the missing member of the house. But remember, do not take undue advantage of the ones who are nice to you.

5. Packing your bag

While traveling, we want our baggage to be as minimal as possible. Packing intelligently plays an important role while planning a trip. Rolling each of your clothes and then placing them in your backpack will actually save you a lot of space than just stacking them one over the other would. Also, carry an easily dryable small cotton towel instead of a large one.


6. Making friends

When you are on the road, you’ll find a lot of other travellers too. Most of the travellers are good at heart and friendly people because of the positives that traveling teaches them. Making friends with strangers will not only give you good memories but also new places to visit. You would want to visit your new friend’s home town sometime. Wouldn’t you? *winks*

7. Knowing your herbs

You should know some basic botany if you are travelling to a lonely area. If not, you may also carry a book containing identification information of some local flora. This is necessary when you don’t have enough food in your bag and no food joints around.

8. Hand pumps

A major portion of the Indian population is dependent upon ground water for its water needs. Hand pumps are a blessing for a traveler in India. You will find a lot of them even at some unexpected places. Fill in your bottles wherever you come across a working hand pump, the supplier of purified water in India.

9. Dodging thieves

Theft is uncertain and avoiding encounters with thieves is a major concern for travelers. To minimise the risk of theft, try dividing your cash stash and keep it at different places. You should also keep a secret pocket inside your clothes, just in case you bump into an unavoidable situation.

10. Power bank

Technology has taken over us and we cannot thank it enough for the means and ways in which it has made our lives easier. GPS and emergency call service are quite vital for a traveler. Keep fully charged power banks in your backpack to charge your phones from time to time so as to avoid being lost on the way.

11. Snacking

So you’ve been on the road for quite some time and your stomach needs to be fuelled but you don’t want to burden your pocket with an extra expense of snacking. There are a lot of sweet shops in the country which will let you taste a sample of their product before you can buy the most suitable one for you. You can check a few samples at each shop without being chased by the police!

12. Multipurpose plastic

Plastic is very important for a travel. Plastic sheets can help you avoid being wet during rains. It may also serve as a shelter at places without any slabs. Plastic bags are essentials to be carried while travelling to put in your dirty or wet clothes and save the others.


Travelling is not everyone’s cup of tea, not because they don’t know how to travel, but, because they don’t know how to travel efficiently. With these travel hacks, your journey will certainly become easier and budgeted.



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