12 Reasons Why Bengalis Really Need That Break Every Year

10:00 am 23 May, 2015


Did you notice a thing when you go around the country on vacation? No matter where you go, during “season” or “off season”, the holiday spot, whether “known” or pristine, is filled with Bengali crowd. Well – that’s us. We like to travel a whole lot and here is why.

1. Because we believe in the mantra — Live Life to the Fullest!

And, how can you possibly do so without letting yourself breathe, visit new places and soak up new cultures?


2. Haven’t you heard the line “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”?


You learnt it in Nursery and perhaps use it only as a nice proverb but we like to follow it in real life too! Simple!


3. Routine lifestyle bores us to death.

A routine lifestyle may irk you to the extent of fuming every now and then. But, instead of complaining, we try to defy it in our own sweet way!


4. Do you think there’s any other way of bonding with family and friends?

You have to admit, there’s none other way you can spend some quality time with family and friends than going out on vacations with them!


5. Because we’re genuinely a lazy community that gets tired after working regularly for 3 months!

We love to rest and have fun, what’s the harm? And, what better place to relax than at some sprawling countryside resort or soaking up the sun at a beach?


6. Because we understand the treasure-house India is, and want to explore each and every corner of the country!

After all, experiencing the culture and tradition of a place, and distinguishing their differences counts! And, we say NO to bookish knowledge!


7. Don’t you think traveling allows us to break the stereotypical norms and broaden our minds?

We don’t believe this. We KNOW this thanks to our profound love for traveling!


8. Because we judge the character of people by his/her passion for traveling.

Strange, but it’s true. A person is absolutely untrustworthy and rubbish if he hasn’t visited many places in his lifetime.


9. Because we think that the best way to put your hard-earned money to proper use is to go on a great vacation every year, and small trips after every 3-4 months!

May sound strange to you, but it’s kinda true!


10. Because traveling is just like an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to us.

If you’re a Bengali, then you will know the feeling when the whole state goes on for trips during the Durga Puja, and you, for some reason, simply CANNOT!


11. Traveling may be fun, but preparing for that special trip and making plans for it reserve a special place in every Bengali’s heart.

And, most of us don’t rely on different travel agencies and agents to make that plan. We do it ourselves, and thoroughly enjoy the whole process as much as we love to travel.


12. Traveling has a cathartic effect, and is fun.

Put your hands up if you do not agree!