(Spoilers) Here’s The English Version Of Melisandre’s Prayer That Resurrected Jon Snow

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5:24 pm 3 May, 2016

The sixth season of Game of Thrones (GoT) started with a bang on April 24 with the creators leaving much to be said for the upcoming episodes.

By the time episode 2 ended, it was trending at the top in many countries.




The new episode not only cleared few main plot points early in the season, but also left the audience spell bound with Jon Snow being resurrected back to life by none other than ‘The Red Woman’ – Melisandre.

So Redditor Mecho, a master in High Valyrian language, posted a translation of Melisandre’s chant she used to bring Snow back to life.


Game of Thrones

Final Scene of GoT Season 6 Episode 2 Game of Thrones

According to Mecho, Melisandre’s last line was:

Hen sendruro oños, hen ñuqir perzys, hen morghot glaeson.

Which roughly translates into:

From darkness light, from ashes fire, from death life.

Soon after Mecho’s translation was posted, David J. Peterson, who is the actual creator of the High Valyrian language that is used on Game of Thrones, posted the full official translation on his Tumblr blog.

It reads:




It must be noted that Melisandre isn’t the first GoT character to use this prayer to bring someone back to life.

During the episode she mentions that she had seen a priest resurrect a person back to life and I think we audience might already know about this priest from back in Season 3. Beric Dondarrion, anyone?

Here is what had happened.

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