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20 Hot And Gorgeous Women Who Were Born As Male

Updated on 10 September, 2019 at 6:12 pm By

Uff transexuality, nothing new with this word! The world is continuously changing introducing some weird and bizarre formulas to all of us. The concept of changing genders has become something very common these days. People undergoing a sex operation have made news many times which makes us eager to bring this post here!


We are talking about something very interesting this time! You won’t even realise the most beautiful and handsome looking model in front of you was actually born as male. Shocked? We were shocked too. So here we bring you some sexy hot models that were born with a male reproductive organ.

1. Kim Petras

Kim Petras faced the world with courage when her gender transition made news. She is a German pop singer and a song writer too.


Kim Petras was born as Tim and insisted herself as a girl from the age of two, says her parent. However, they took this seriously and decided for a gender transition at an early age.

2. Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

This is totally unbelievable! Shocking yet true, Sirappassorn has changed her gender and perhaps she is the most beautiful lady to be crowned as Miss International Queen in 2004.


Miss International Queen



She has also remained winner in many prestigious beauty pageant awards of the world.

3. Nikki Chawla

Nikki is the first woman from ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ India, to get frustrated of her genital genes and getting converted into woman.


Being from an orthodox family, it wasn’t easy for Nikki to take this decision. She is gently making her way in modelling and soon will be seen hosting reality shows.

4. Nong Poy

Beautiful Nong Poy belongs to Thailand and is a famous transgender model. This Thai actress looks completely amazing and flawless with her look.


Transgendered model


Being frustrated with her genital genes, she decided for a sex change at an early age.

5. Mallika

Mallika is a successful model and perhaps the first transgender person to enter a beauty pageant competition from India.


She has gone through four surgeries and many more transformations to get converted completely into a female. Mallika is an inspiration to many of the transgender women from India.

6. Shinata Sangha.

Shinata Sangha is a perfect British-Indian model with good pitch of attitude and quality in her.


She is a famous South Asian transgender model and has also participated in all the beauty pageant shows organised only for the transgender community.

7. Kelly van der Veer

She has everything which makes a girl look complete! Am I right? Kelly is a famous Dutch television personality and underwent a surgery at an early age of 19. She came to fame as a transgender person in the Dutch version of Big Brother.


8. Dechen Seldon

Dechen Seldon is the first transgender woman from Bhutan. Dechen desires to be Miss Universe and also a successful model in future.


9. Lea T

Lea T is among one of the most in-demand models in the fashion industry. She is the face of famous fashion house, Givenchy.


Lea is among those faces who walks on high end fashion runways and has also changed the standard of fashion from Italy

10. Roberta Close

So did you find this face similar to someone you have watched before? Yes, she is the famous Roberta Close and the first transgender face to pose for the Playboy Magazine.


She is among the most attractive transgender women who marks her name by modelling around the world.

11. Andrej Pejic

Oh my God! She looks like a fresh dew drop and holds a captivating personality too. Andrej is among the top 18 beautiful models around the world.


Transgendered model


She is also well known by the way she pulls the men and women’s trends on runways and portrait shoots.

12. Claudia Charriez

Again a most defining person to be included in this list. Claudia Charriez is a very famous personality due to her hot body and the quotient of hotness in her.


She states herself as a proud woman in an interview and also supports transexuality on a large scale.

13. Chamila Asanka

Chamila Asanka has made several headlines in news all over Sri lanka and Asian countries to closely confess about her transformation decision in public.

She has participated in many modelling assignments and pageant competitions.


14. Florencia De La V

Hard to believe Florencia was born as a male, right? She is among the famous faces that have made appearance on soaps, clubs and also worked as an editor of magazine.


You would be shocked to know she is married to a man and have twin babies too (via surrogate)

15. Carla Antonelli

Transexuality didn’t stop this Spain model from moving further. She is the first transgender model to be appointed in Spain legislature and also runs various campaigns and projects supporting transsexual people.


 16. Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova is a Canadian model who gave an inspiration and raised voice for transgender women to participate in beauty pageant competitions. She has remained a face for many leading fashion magazines and is face of many famous fashion brands.


Canadian model


17. Helen Wong

Helen is an American model and a nightlife hostess. She has also attracted the business class for modelling and has claimed to walk many fashion shows. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from California.


 18. Chen Lili

Chen Lili has undergone a surgery when she was at the age of 16 and now among some of the most famous singers and actresses from China. The actress became famous and attracted audience when she decided to participate in a beauty pageant competition which was meant only for women.


19. Harisu

Harisu looks excellent and is also famous transgender model from Asia. Initially she used to work in various cosmetic advertisements and later appeared as a successful model as well as actress from Korea.


Transgendered model


20. Rimal

Rimal is a transgender model from Pakistan and has been recently featured in remake of “Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai”. Rimal looks beautiful and defends the Pakistani government courageously for her decision of changing gender.



So who is the most gorgeous transgender lady according to you?

We bet if we didn’t have told you about their sex change operation you would never make out that the sexy women walking on the runway was actually born as male, could you?




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