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12 Traits That Every Woman Wants To See In A True Gentleman

Published on 3 July, 2017 at 10:30 am By

Every woman wants to date, or settle with, a gentleman, not a boy. But, believe it or not, today a gentleman has become an endangered species. And many men know that too! Yes, merely holding a car door open for a lady doesn’t make a man a gentleman, but his overall behavior does.


Below is a list of traits a true gentleman has in the eyes of a woman. Guys out there, just check it out and see if you are one from a woman’s perspective!

1. Honest and loyal

A true gentleman is not a cheater and doesn’t cheat on anyone, let alone her lady. When it comes to honesty and loyalty, it is not about cheating at all. It also includes ‘no lying’ and being transparent in anything they say or do.


2. Respect

The respect a man shows to his mother speaks volumes about how he would treat or respect other women, especially his lady. A true gentleman respects people around him, especially women. He respects not just his family but also his lady’s family, friends and peers. He also respects her views, opinions and thoughts. He doesn’t embarrass or hurt his woman, or any woman, in public. And most importantly, he respects, behaves well and doesn’t lose touch with himself.


3. Courteous

Being polite and respectful in a considerate manner is to be courteous. A gentleman is courteous in his behaviour. He is willing to take charge before anyone else and is always ready to go the extra mile in anything.



4. Good listener

A gentleman is a good listener. He listens to his lady’s problems, interests, ideas and plans. He gives suggestions and offers advice and helps her come up with the best solution. He helps her learn and grow in every aspect of life. Listen to women when they talk about things that they enjoy, and they will tell you exactly what they like.


5. Good manners

A true gentleman is always polite. Not only in his words, but also in his everyday actions. He eats with a certain poise, wears appropriately, behaves well, and talks sense. He is well aware of how to help others, no matter how small the need may be. He opens doors for the lady and elders, offers the seat on the bus or train to others who need it more than him. He stays calm and polite even when somebody else is offensive and acting stupid.


6. Humble and polite

In today’s world, it is rare or very hard to find a humble and polite man. If a man is humble and polite, a woman will never ever want to let him go. A gentleman is always humble and polite.


7. Good looking

A man who is clean, neatly dressed and has well-polished shoes are a big turn on for most women. In other words, a gentleman is one who is smart and has a dapper look. He doesn’t wear shabby clothes, or looks untidy in his appearance.


8. Well spoken

If a man is well read, he will be a well spoken person as well. The two go hand in hand. No doubt, every woman would want to date a smart, intelligent, well read, humorous and witty man. A gentleman has them all!


9. Ambitious

Every woman looks for a man who is ambitious. They will always fall for a man who takes career or future seriously. It is because he would, no doubt, understand and respect the desires and ambition of his lady and would support her in her careers.


10. Responsible

A gentleman always takes responsibility for his family and overall duties. He owns responsibility for his behaviour, actions or reactions. He doesn’t point fingers at others or take excuses for his actions.


11. Protective

Every woman wants her man to hold her hand, put his arms on her shoulder when out in the streets or in public. A gentleman loves and cares and is always concerned about his lady. He makes his woman comfortable in her own skin.


12. Not Judgemental

A gentleman is not judgemental. He doesn’t judge his lady’s views or opinions quickly and jump to conclusion himself ignoring her point of view. He clarifies things before judging anything.



It is not opening the car and being a jackass after, not buying her expensive gift and letting her down later, but one who gives special attention that every woman seeks that makes one a gentleman. It is extremely important that you buy or make something for them on the ordinary days, not only anniversaries or birthdays. Women love to be surprised, so bring her flowers every now and then, when you are late, or when she is tired. Yes, listening, remembering, being sensitive towards her needs will make you a true gentleman.


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