This Man Does Crazy Stunts Around Moving Trains For A Reason, RPF Is After Him

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7:17 pm 13 Mar, 2018


This is the age of social media. With everything becoming viral and a trend in few hours, many people have made it their favorite activity to make videos that will be liked and viewed by thousands of people. But sometimes, the craze for making viral videos and having hundreds of followers raises to another level and makes one do crazy and dangerous stunts.


VJ Pawan Singh, a YouTuber, has become the recent nuisance in Mumbai as many people have started to log a complaint against the prankster for the long delays in train. Railway Protection Force officers said that Singh has been creating nuisance for other by playing pranks on motormen and other staff.



Officers added that the YouTuber would sometimes lie on the railway tracks in front of the local train engines and at other times would ask silly questions to the motormen. In one of his videos, Singh was seen carrying a hockey stick  to threaten passengers on an express train. Due to the increasing nuisance, pranks and train delays, the passengers have been tweeting their complaints following which the RPF has started to look for him.




In one of the videos, Singh was seen lying on the tracks in front of the train engine and was shouting,

Chadhaa na, uncle! Dar gaya kya?Uncle, yeh gaadi Dadar jayegi na? Siddhivinayak ka prasad leke aana.



Apparently, Singh enjoys a large viewership on all of his social media channels. The video in which he was seen lying on the tracks got more than 4 lakh views.