Ratan Tata’s Twitter Account Was Hacked And So Was TRAI Chief’s

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12:09 pm 11 Sep, 2016

Leading Industrialist Ratan Tata and TRAI Chief RS Sharma’s Twitter accounts were recently hacked, with the hacker sending out “malicious” tweets regarding PM Modi and Mukesh Ambani from Tata’s account.


The news came into light when Tata on sent out a tweet on Sep. 10 stating that his  account was hacked on Sep. 9 and a “spurious” tweet with “malicious intent” was sent out in his name.

Expressing his “shock” over the hack, the latest tweet said…


Though the “malicious tweet”  has now been deleted, a re-tweet by parody account @realhistorypic showed that Tata’s account had posted a picture of Mukesh Ambani and PM Modi with caption: Owner of Network 18 welcoming his employee to address people how (sic) cronies are going to halt inflation.

The tweet had also marked Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in its tag.


Similarly, TRAI Chairman R S Sharma was hacked September 10 with some obscene comments making fun of him being posted via his twitter handle.


Tweets such as “I like dum ways to die because it is most funny,” were posted from his account.


Sharma currently is on an official trip to Fiji and Australia on regulator’s role in financial inclusion and has not made any comments on the hack.


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