The Gesture Of This Hyderabad Traffic Police Towards An Old Homeless Woman Will Melt Your Heart

12:18 pm 3 Apr, 2018


With violence, heartlessness, and agitations all around it is often very hard to retain your faith in humanity. Amidst this darkness, there are times when the rays of hope shine brightly with a simple gesture from someone.

Such an incident happened when this Hyderabad traffic police came across an old homeless woman. Kukatpally traffic PS Home Guard B. Gopal saw an old lady near Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). Seeing her condition, he offered her tea and then got food for her. However, his sense of responsibility pushed him further to feed the destitute lady with his own hands.



In his own words:

“I offered her a cup of tea and then bought lunch for her. But she was unable to even eat with her own hands, so I fed her.”

He further added:


 “The elderly woman who was seated near JNTUH crossroads reminded me of my mother. I could not stop myself from helping her.”

This news was first shared on Twitter by Harsha Bhargavi, chief public relations officer to Telangana DGP. Since then, the picture is going viral. Here is the tweet:


Not only liked and shared, people are also praising Gopal for his gesture. Here are some of the tweets:






Bhargavi later tweeted, the old woman was shifted to Anand Ashram, a shelter run by TS prisons in Cherlapally. Read it here:




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