Woman Feeding Baby In The Backseat Of Her Car Got Towed Away By A Traffic Cop

Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 7:21 pm


A new video has gone viral on the internet depicting the most irresponsible behavior a traffic cop can show towards citizens. What people have noticed in the video is not only bizarre but shameful.

In the video being circulated on social media, a car can be seen getting towed at the orders of the traffic cop, while a woman and her baby are seated at the back.


A woman and her baby seated at the back of a car getting towed away.

After the video went viral on the internet, immediate action was taken on the traffic cop named Shashank Rane and he was suspended on Saturday.

As per a report published in the The Times of India, the incident happened around 5:30 pm on S.V. Road in Malad (west) area of Mumbai. The report clarifies that as the cop discovered the car parked in a no-parking zone, he towed it away in spite of knowing that the women and her baby were inside.



Sitting terrified in the back seat of her car, the woman shouted repeatedly at the cop.

It has been reported that the traffic cop while being seated in the towing van, called and informed the police control room and Malad police saying that the woman and her husband stopped him from “doing his duty”.


Traffic cop calling the police control room and informing them of the situation.

Later, the woman told media stating, “My husband requested the traffic cop to take the fine amount and release our car. Our child is unwell and we wanted to rush to a doctor. However, the traffic cop was adamant and did not listen to us.”


While woman’s husband took the video of the entire incident from his phone, the woman was feeding her baby.

It can be very clearly seen how the woman inside the car was shouting at the cop asking him to stop towing her car as she was feeding the baby. The police reached the spot later and looked into the matter.

Here is the video shared by Times Now.


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