An Entire Town Learned Sign Language To Surprise Their Deaf Neighbour

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3:39 pm 8 Nov, 2015


Muharrem, a deaf man living in Istanbul, received a surprise when, one morning, everyone  responded to him with sign language!


It began when Muharrem encountered a stranger who said ‘Good Morning’ to him in the sign language.

Then the shopkeeper from a local food store told him about the ‘hot bagels’ through hand signals.

He helped a man who dropped his bag of fruit. To his surprise the man offered him an apple for his help in sign language.

By then, Muharrem was clearly shocked and confused by the chain of encounters.

He then met another woman who apologized to him through signs.

Muharrem and his sister took a cab and the cab driver said ‘Hi’ to him in the sign language.

His surprise then turns into bewilderment.

The cab dropped them in public square where an electronic advertising board was set up to communicate with him.


Finally, a friend pointed out to the cameras set up around the area and revealed the idea to him.

Muharrem was moved to tears.

And delighted too!

The ad was done by the firm Leo Burnett. The participants even learned sign-language for it.

Samsung organized this heartwarming surprise to help Muharrem feel connected to his community in an online video to promote its new video call center for hearing impaired customers. Muharrem’s sister, Ozlem, was a part of the plan. A spokesperson of Samsung confirmed that everything you see in the ad was genuine.

Watch the ad here: