You Can Make Any Women Beg For S*x By Touching These Pleasure Points

2:02 pm 2 Nov, 2018

Sex needs to be exciting, as it is more than just the reproduction process. It is for the feeling, the sensation in the bodies and often, partners become so excited about sex that they do not feel it properly. One partner tends to observe that the other partner’s satisfaction is lacking. It is a tough time when one of the partners is not enjoying sex but doing mechanically and as a result, gets tired very quickly.

This is the time when you need to take it slowly. Especially for women, it becomes very tough to enjoy sex at times. With these tips, you can make your partner much more interested in the act.  So instead of going straight getting into the wild, excite them a little first.



Touch her collarbones slowly and then kiss. The part of the throat is very responsive and the women get excited by just the touch. This is because the skin of it is very sensitive and with your touch, she can feel the sensation with more pleasure.



Another sensitive part of the body is the tongue. You put a finger in the mouth of your partner and keep doing that which makes her completely aroused. By doing this, the partner will be tempted to do sex.



After this, it is the waist of your partner which needs your attention. Start touching it and go into the middle. At the same time, grab your partner’s waist, and drag them closer. The partner will herself ask for the sex!



The neck is the most sensitive part of the body and for women, it is said to be an extremely hot spot. Kiss her softly on the neck and you can make her moan! You will see her melting with this and will get aroused.


Now you know the pleasure points for the sexual arousal of your partner. Enjoy and make her enjoy too.