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Total Dhamaal: Nothing Beyond A Woefully Dumb Circus Of Stars

Published on 22 February, 2019 at 4:27 pm By

TopYaps Rating: 2.5/5




After the humongous success of Dhamaal (2007) and Double Dhamaal (2011), filmmaker Indra Kumar has now come up with the third installment of the popular franchise, titled Total Dhamaal. The movie boasts of a huge star cast including superstar Ajay Devgn, Madhuri Dixit, Anil Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, Riteish Deshmukh and many more.


What’s The Film All About?

If you have seen the trailer of Total Dhamaal, you know what the movie is all about. The trailer sort of revealed more than what it should have. Anyway, the film revolves around a bunch of greedy people who, from a dying man, come to know about a treasure of ₹ 50 crores lying hidden in a zoo in Janakpur, India.




As soon as they hear the secret, everyone gets into a race to find the treasure in order to become a billionaire overnight. Will they be able to discover the hidden treasure? Watch the film to know more.


Is It Worth A Watch?

Total Dhamaal, just like its predecessors, is a comedy of errors. But in the latest installment of the film, errors are in plenty than comedy and genuine moments of hilarity. The previous two installments of the franchise clicked with the audience because the comedy was organic with some praiseworthy performances by the lead and supporting cast.

In Total Dhamaal, everything seems forced and orchestrated. The script lacks genuine punches and hence you do not let out laughs, unlike its predecessors which had your stomach aching with raucous laughter.



Talking about performances, everyone has done whatever they were asked to do to the best of their abilities. Anil Kapoor is great in some of the comedy scenes. Madhuri Dixit looks gorgeous on screens and entertains you here and there. Her chemistry with Kapoor is something to behold.

Ajay Devgn also tries his best to make you laugh and, thankfully, succeeds in his pursuit more often than not. But it is the supporting cast of the film that does its job pretty well. Johnny Lever elevates your mood with his Bengali scientist-pilot act. His comic timing is just unmatched. You cannot stop laughing when he is there on the screen.



Javed Jaffrey also gets some good jokes to crack and makes you laugh every now and then. Frankly speaking, you might not fall out of your seat laughing while watching Total Dhamaal, but it is the immensely likable cast that keeps you hooked and absolves the movie of its many flaws.

The worst part of the film is its slapdash VFX, especially during the last 15-20 minutes. More than the jokes, you laugh at the poor quality of VFX. There is nothing great in music too. Two remixes and some original melodies fail to leave an impression.



Director Indra Kumar tries his best to make a memorable comic-caper, but Total Dhamaal ends up becoming nothing more than a onetime watch.


Final Verdict

Generally, comic-capers are loved by most of the people provided they don’t turn senseless. However, comedies in Bollywood do turn nonsensical more often than not and Indra Kumar’s latest offering Total Dhamaal is the freshest example of that. Having said that, people who enjoy mindless comedies can give it a shot at cinemas.



Movie Credits


Banner: Fox Star Studios, Ajay Devgn Ffilms

Director: Indra Kumar

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi, Anil Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh.

Music: Gourov-Roshin


Runtime: 127 Minutes

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