Torn Pages Of Guru Granth Sahib Found In Jalandhar Canal; Protesters Demand Arrest

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5:45 pm 24 Sep, 2016

Just months after the city of Malerkotla faced tense situation after “tearing” of the Quran in the area, Punjab has once again been rocked by an incident where sacrilege of a holy book is involved.

On September 24, torn pages of Guru Granth Sahib and Gutka (a compilation of some compositions from the Sikh holy book) were found in a distributary near Sher Singh Colony, Jalandhar.


The torn pages were spotted in the canal early Saturday morning when two youths were on their way to the Gurudwara nearby.

The two immediately informed the Gurudwara management about the sacrilege and the word quickly spread.

The police were informed and the local residents were soon seen descending into the flowing distributary to take out the pages.


The torn pages were taken out from a distance of a few kilometers as they spread with the flowing water and a Gutka was also recovered from the water.

While one part of the community was busy collecting the pages, around 9 am Sikh activists went on a dharna and blocked the busy Kapurthala chowk in protest.


They have blocked the traffic and demanded immediate arrest of the accused who are involved in the incident.

The police are yet to make any arrest but are looking into CCTV footages to find the culprits.


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