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Top ten Rock and roll songs before 1980

Updated on 12 May, 2012 at 12:19 pm By

Rock n roll is not just music for many people; its much more, it’s a way of life. Rock n roll started way back in the 1950’s and since then the music has evolved into a lot of different areas. Today the work rock n roll talks simply about this sub culture which includes more than one generation of people. The lovers of rock n roll go to great lengths and trouble to make sure they do their bit towards a little something for their favorite artist/band. It’s a language that transcends nations and races. So here they are then! The top ten rock n roll songs from TopYaps:

10. Johnny be good:

They say that music transcends races and nations and this song has a history that explains that fact. The song was released by American songwriter Chuck Berry at a time when there were still traces of racism left among the American public and this song bridged many of those traces to get people together to watch him play the song and more live. Easily one of the most influential artists in rock n roll music, Chuck shaped rock n roll with songs such as this one.

9. Born To Run:

Bruce Springsteen is an immortal figure and this song was one of the steps that he walked to immortalize himself in the hearts of millions. The song is written as a love letter to a Girl, and was a great commercial success in addition to the critical acclaim that it received. The song has been ranked as high as number six on charts for the top rock n roll songs.

8. Free Bird:

Undoubtedly one of the most popular rock songs of all time, the song was released by the American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd in November 1974. The song has an exhilarating solo and live performances by the band went as high as 14 minutes for this particular song. It is also known as one of the best rock n roll ballads of all time. A song immortalized by not just the lyrics and the tune but also by the energy it permeates.

7. Imagine:

John Lennon is yet another immortal name in the world of rock n roll. The controversial and prodigal musician that Lennon was, he had many chart busting singles and hits all through his musical career and this song gathers his experience as a songwriter and composer. Originally released as a track for his documentary film with the same name, the song remains a popular rock song even today.

6. Won’t get fooled again:

The Who composed this song in a very strange way, the power chords on guitar augmented by the powerful sounds from the organs created a new and unique ambience in the music. This chartbusting single was released in 1971 and stands a high place in many music charts as a groundbreaking composition. The live performances of the song were particularly loved as videos even today show the band destroying the stage once they were done with the song.

5. Bohemian rhapsody:

Freddie Mercury was the lead singer for the British rock band Queen who wrote this song and sung it. The operatic style of singing and the guitaring used in rock n roll and heavy rock music makes this song a journey in itself. Freddie is undoubtedly one of the best on-stage performers of all time and his memory lives on in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who love the song, the band and the idea.

4. Jailhouse Rock:

There are many versions of this song, but the one by Elvis Presley who was often known as the King himself is an immortal tune that was released side by side a film by the same title. This song ahs also reached out to the young and the old and is known for its dance edgy rock n roll tune.

3. I can’t get no satisfaction:

The Rolling Stones are undoubtedly one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Their amazing tenacity and endurance has put their names in the hall of fame for every musical organization. The song, I can’t get no satisfaction, is a rebellious song that had become highly popular with the youth and even today kids can be found jamming to the song.

2. Like a Rolling Stone:

Bob Dylan wrote the song thrice before it hit the worldwide charts in at number 2 in 1965. This song has the lyrical work of a master who has more than one deserving song to come up here on this list. The third leak of the song combined new elements of rock music to usher in a whole new era of rock music.

1. Stairway to Heaven:

Led Zeppelin’s stairway to heaven was released in 1971 and has since then become more than just an anthem. A unique and progressive composition which seems to keep rising as you go through the song, the charisma of Robert Plant (vocalist) and Jimmy Page (guitarist) flows through the song leaving behind an air of mysticism and awe for the effect music can have on a person’s soul.


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