You Are A Top Notch Bollywood Buff If You’ve Tolerated These 7 Movies 

Updated on 27 Sep, 2014 at 1:45 pm


If you’re an Indian, then you must know the stern gap that servers a Bollywood lover from a movie lover. If you’re a movie lover, then you’d of course watch only those films which strike a tune with your fondness for films and which make you a more profound film lover. And, if you’re a Bollywood lover, then be rest assured, you’ve become a patient suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—you have to watch a Bollywood Masala flicks no matter what and how the movie is.
In this list, we’ve listed a few films which, in spite of their bogus storyline and a bad direction, are indeed highly watched—thanks to the ardent Bollywood buffs!


7. Saajan Chale Sasural

This highly patriarchal and preposterous film about a man having two wives all at the same time might be nothing short of a nightmare to some but, nevertheless, it has been accredited the status of a great comedy. Just like most other comedies of Bollywood, the plot is quite invisible and it is always the roaring slapstick comedy, Govinda-David Dhawan tag and the see-and-forget style of the film that win the bait every time it is shown in the television.


Saajan Chale Sasural

6. Raja Babu

With due respect to the South Indian film industry, we urge the film directors of Bollywood not to follow their footsteps and make highly irrational and irritating films with dollops of slapstick comedy, a heroine for show (and lust) and, of course, a fighting scene to end the show for no reason. Even after 20 years since its release, we wonder what the film was about, and what was it trying to show.
The film was severely criticized though it was a blockbuster –again thanks to the Bolly buffs!

Raja Babu

5. Masti

A precursor to the equally bad series of Golmaal (the newer one, of course), Masti comes out as an irresponsible and highly patriarchal film about three men who tries to have it large on their wives by cheating on them. Although the film ends with a clichéd Bollywood(y) twist, it is the slapstick comedy, the bad-worse-worst performances and the equally bogus soundtrack that make it even more impossible to be watched!


4. Main Hoon Naa

Simply remember the “flying cycle-rickshaw” scene, and you’ll well understand why, hell why, we’ve kept this film in the list. It’s an absurd film bordering on a non-sense theme where Shah Rukh Khan plays nothing short of a human super hero with no damn flaws of his own and with a heart warm enough to melt the age old qualms.
What we still cannot understand is what was Sushmita Sen doing there? Had she any role over there except for showing off her pseudo anger and manage her ever-flying pallu? We’re still wondering!

Main Hoon Naa

3. Aap Ka Suroor—The Real Luv Story

Who else but our beloved Himesh bhai can come up with such disasters! Those of you who have watched the film know how much painful it is to watch the whole of it at one go! And, yet it was a hit! Yes, we’re still at work of identifying the reason—was it because of the steroid-fed Hansika Motwane (who was a kid even a couple of years before the film’s release) or was it the everlasting “13 13 13 Surrroooorrrr” or was it simply the fun (is it?) of watching the “macho” Reshammiya on stage? Oh yes, Mallika Sherawat was there too. We forgot.

Aap Ka Suroor—The Real Luv Story

2. Suhaag

Well, we know it is one of the biggest hits of the year it was released and it is one where all the great stars have come together to act, but we think the starcast was the only thing that worked in favor of this film—oh yes, and the Amitabh Bacchan-Shashi Kapoor chemistry along with the dhishoom-dhishoom too.


1. Yaadon Ki Baraat

Again another film steeped in melodrama while being high on love and action. It is a quintessential Bollywood film where you’ll find songs, dance, love, hatred, drama, emotions and, of course, fighting. Well, sometimes stereotypes work but always it doesn’t! Watch this film for the songs, but if you go beyond that, you’re indeed a Bollywood buff!


Yaadon Ki Baraat

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