Top 5 Actors In Bollywood Right Now And What Gives Them An Edge Above Others

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9:31 pm 4 Jun, 2018


Just like Hollywood stars, actors in Bollywood enjoy a huge fan following across the globe. However, in an industry which churns out nearly a hundred movies each month, it has now become hard to make a name for yourself and find a place of recognition among thousands who try their luck in stardom each week.

Here are five stars who have not only climbed to the top of the success ladder but sustained their position there with fans looking forward to their every venture.


1. Salman Khan



Love him, hate him but there is no denying the fact that he exists and acts in movies that fans wait for months to watch. The truth is that he is beyond any qualitative analysis and it’s his fans that make him tick.

No matter how bad and cheesy his movies are, he has a fiercely loyal fan base who over the years have made ‘Bhai’ rake in millions of rupees at the box-office.


2. Shah Rukh Khan


While his movies are slightly better than Salman when it comes to qualitative content, SRK has a charm that nobody posses. But it is not the only reason behind SRK’s success in the industry. He is also a good businessman and has entered into many ventures besides Bollywood. It is thus his marketing skills that not only brings him success but also helps him promote his films to a level that nobody in the industry can ever match.


3. Aamir Khan


While both Salman and SRK lack in the qualitative aspect of films, Aamir since the beginning of his career has stood out for his movie choices. He is known for his work ethics and is considered the most selective actors when comes to choosing scripts.

It is his balance and ability to find that sweet spot when it comes to content that has made him a box-office success.


4. Akshay Kumar

In an industry which has been dominated by the Khans, Akki is one of the very few actors who can challenge them. While it has taken him some time to reach where he is today, it is his humble background and public image of being a family man and responsible citizen that made him sustain in an industry which churns up new actors almost every week.


5. Varun Dhawan


While the above four actors have already reached the highest point in their careers, Varun is a new name in the industry who is still finding his way. While he is still a fresh face he is also one of the most successful actors of Bollywood in recent times as none of his films have failed in the recent past. Varun is an actor who thinks and has a complete sense of clarity about the space that works best for him. He knows his comfort zone but still takes up films like Badlapur and October and understands what exactly works in his favor.

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