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Top 9 Popular Walt Disney Characters

Published on 3 July, 2013 at 4:30 am By

Walt Disney was a visionary who crafted the imagination of people across the globe in his lifetime. To this day, his legend is being carried forward by the surfeit of animated works being created by his Company, Walt Disney Animation. Many of the characters popularized by his movies hold an apocryphal status and are loved and adored by millions around the planet. Though it is an impossible task to organize these characters into a listical and ranking them due to the sheer number and boundless popularity of almost every one of them, here is an attempt all the same. Presenting the Top 9 popular Walt Disney characters:

9. Peter Pan:

Peter Pan was an immensely lovable character from the house of Walt Disney. Created on the lines of J.M. Barrie’s play, the character was loved for his sheer grit. His wonder world, Neverland, was captivating and the character of Peter Pan was all but worshiped here. The on-going battle between Captain Hook and Peter’s courage against the evil Captain set him on an apostle and etched his name in the most favorite Walt Disney characters of all time.

Peter Pan

8. Goofy:


Created in 1932 by Walt Disney productions, Goofy is a timeless classic. The eccentricity, the clumsiness and the dim-witted presentation were what characterized Goofy. His antics owing to these traits defined his presence and were nothing short of hilarious. He was generally paired with Mickey and Donald as a trio though he did get some individual shorts made on him. His simplicity was adored and his capers were hugely famous. Many a childhood memories of millions are filled with the never-fading recollections of the extremely funny and affable Goofy.


7. Chip ‘n’ Dale:

Chip ‘n’ Dale were two animated chipmunks created by Disney around 1940s. Out of the two, Chip was the smart and scheming one while Dale was slow, dim-witted and flaky. They had a series with Donald Duck where they drove Donald crazy with their gags. Almost always shown to be in search of nuts or a place to hide them, their quest invariably ended with Donald Duck being driven up against the wall. The combined presence of the two was a treat to watch and audience simply cherished their tricks and larks.

Chip ‘n’ Dale

6. Donald Duck:

Donald Duck was a raging success created in Disney Studios in 1934. By far the most famous of his traits was the semi-intelligible speech. His is the most appearing animated character in feature films, having about 178 to his credit. This highly irritable and temperamental Duck complimented the calm and sweet Mickey Mouse exceptionally well and the two were later joined by Goofy. Later on, his nephews were added to his stories which constantly tried his patience and drove him nuts.

Donald Duck

5. Cinderella:

A character with instant appeal, Cinderella was another timeless creation from the house of Walt Disney productions. An ill-fated girl who magically gets all she ever dreamed of is the kind of story that immediately captures your liking. The ragged girl facing all sorts of hardships, turning to a beautiful princess and the change in her life was very well captured and depicted in this story. The character, the appearance, the turn of events was all perfectly presented and sat very well with the audiences. Viewers still remember feeling sorry for her misfortunes and then being jubilant on her transformation, such was the power of Cinderella.


4. Aladdin:

The story of Aladdin, the street-urchin, meeting a princess and falling in love, fighting all sorts of wizards and villains helped on the way by his genie, a talking parrot and his beloved pet monkey; I guess there won’t be anyone reading this list who doesn’t remember this particular story. The brave Aladdin, with the help of his genie and pets, takes on villains like Jafar and emerges victorious each time. And the magic touch was his flying carpet. There wasn’t even a single element of the character that appeared weak and Aladdin was the true embodiment of Walt Disney’s prowess as an animator.


3. Bambi:

Bambi is, to this date, the sweetest character ever to be developed by Walt Disney productions. The character makes you fall in love with him in a flash. The white-tailed deer, Bambi, lost his mother who was shot down by hunters at an early stage of the story. Bambi grows up in the wilderness, making friends with other inhabitants and learning the ways of the jungle. The character’s appeal is generated by the emotions in the story and his own simplicity. Add to this the love story of Bambi and the brave face he puts on in the face of imminent danger and Bambi is, hands down, a winner.


2. Winnie The Pooh:


The cute, funny, honey loving, silly rotund bear and his group of friends were an instant hit. His antics to get his hands on the honey pot always landed him in the funniest of situations and how he and his friends tackle them is really fun to watch. The cute essence of The Pooh is the charm of his character and his popularity transcends all limits. Just remembering Winnie with his hand in a honey jar brings back bewitching memories and a wide smile to the face.

Winnie The Pooh

1. Mickey Mouse:


Mickey Mouse was, is and will always be the most famous and loved animated character ever created by Walt Disney. His cartoons are as successful today as they were at the time of its creation. One of the first to be conceived by Disney, Mickey Mouse was what defined animation in its day. The stories built around him were simply crafted yet deftly handled and the addition of Minnie Mouse to his stories introduced an element of cuteness that can never be matched. He is at the top of this list and as far as my judgment goes, will be atop any list ever created on the topic.

Mickey Mouse


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