Top 8 Ways Technology Is Making You Dumb

11:38 am 27 Aug, 2013

Can you imagine a day without internet, smartphone, tablet and various apps you use on them? You will probably not remember your to-do list, your girl friend’s birthday or may not even find the way to your office. Yes, this is the extent to which we have become dependent on technology. Can you imagine how limited your knowledge had been before Google and Wikipedia, or how fluent you were in writing applications in school before the MS Word? Well on one hand technology has made our lives really efficient, simpler and smarter but the irony is that over dependence on technology is only making us dumb by the day. Over the years technology has provided us all we need and has helped us connect, entertain and go where we intend to. In the current scenario however, technology can start our cars, do our laundry and dishes, and heat our homes on the click of a button – technology has taken over everything in life and we are left to do nothing more than run our thumb over the screen of our handheld devices. Technology has steadily become an extension of who we are. Here for our understanding we have listed below 8 ways technology is making you dumb – more stupid than smart.

8. Easy access to everything:

In addition to instant access to vast amounts of information and an easy access to all of it, technology in the form of smartphones and smart handheld devices has made everything readily available for us, leaving nothing for us to do. Today you grocery store is only a call away, you light bulb is at your Smartphone’s command, morning coffee is only a machine’s distance from your bed and your dinner table is ready before you can think thanks to the service robot at home. With all this technology you have left with nothing to do, which makes you a useless fellow, who is nothing without technology.

Easy access to everything

7. Decrease in attention:

With everything now only a click away from you, there is no doubt that it is affecting how you retain information. Because your phone will beep for everything you have to do at the right time, you don’t have to remember anything, which is only making your brain a futile organ in the body.

Decrease in attention

6. Lazy couch potatoes:

As discussed, technology has made everything easily available for us, which is contributing tremendously in making us lazy. The video gaming industry was the only industry that made profits in world economic meltdown. Video games have made us couch potatoes, we don’t want to get out of our – unless to participate in a LAN party in the neighborhood. This is minimized the culture for outdoor sports and recreation.

Lazy couch potatoes

5. Affects on memory and spatial orientation:

Increasing dependence on GPS devices and Google maps etc, may be affecting our brains. Studies suggest that how a person navigates can have serious affects on the brain function. If the brain isn’t used frequently more navigation and thinking, the person can have adverse affects in the brain with age.

Affects on memory and spatial orientation

4. Loss of memory and brain’s processing speed:

As gadgets become ubiquitous, we tend to rely on them more and more to manage our daily lives, which keep the most part of the brain unused.  Memory and processing speed of the brain naturally declines when it is not being used (with age).

Loss of memory and brain’s processing speed

3. Bad spellers and troubled handwriting:

Advancement in technology has made us proficient in keyboarding, but we have become strugglers with our handwriting. Software like MS word with the auto correct and spell check features may seem like a good idea, because you don’t have to use your analytic brain but it is in no way helping us in the long run, we are only becoming bad spellers.

Bad spellers and troubled handwriting


2. Decrease in IQ levels:

Whether you have to write a piece, complete a project or simple do your homework, the first thing we all do is search the topic on a search engine to see what others have to say about it. For everything, without even applying our brains, we rush to the internet simply killing our own IQ levels.

Decrease in IQ levels

1. Superficial thinkers:

The World Wide Web has been up and running for over 20 years now, yet it is hard for any of us to imagine life without it. It gives us an instant access to endless amount of information and helps us stay connected better than ever before. But this excessive dependence on internet is only transforming us into superficial thinkers.

Superficial thinkers

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