Top 7 Signs You Are A Stupid Girl

6:23 am 23 Aug, 2013

Carlo Maria Cipolla, an economic historian, in his easy, “The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity”, mentions some laws of stupidity. These laws warn people against the underestimated harm stupid can cause. Talking about stupidity in girls – how would you actually define it? It’s a relevant issue, which must not be ignored. Perhaps, stupid girls lack intelligence, logic, reason, wit, and above all common sense. Stupidity can assumed many forms – while some girls are innately stupid, others adopt stupidity as a defense against harsh reality. There are those rare cases too, where girls in their sense of avoiding guilt act stupid. So, if you are a girl and reading this, do check yourself for the signs of stupidity. Here is some help; 7 signs that confirms that you’re a stupid girl.

7. Obsessed to appear different:

When you become obsessed with the belief that uniqueness must be maintained through behaving differently to even most common situations, regardless of right and wrong, then take it as a hint that you are heading towards a stupid future. Being common begins to haunt you and you think by being different you can compensate for your inferiority complex. In a way, it’s similar to voluntarily living with multiple personalities. In nutshell, you initiate an illusion to convince you of your individual identity. It’s stupid because each one of us is already unique. It can work for a while, but not in long term.

Obsessed to appear different

6. Hungry for attention:

You never had a stable friend group and now, out of deficiency of positive feedback, you have started altering your behavior and reactions to seek attention among your newly formed friend club. You want attention from each one of them and most of the times all of it for yourself. You want to be the center of attention all the time. It hurts you if no one is noticing even when you are trying to grab their attention through indirect hints. You have even stared to schedule fake phone calls and pretend talking on intellectual or important topics like politics, economics, sociology and what not. If you sense any of these signs, surely you are heading towards stupidity.

Hungry for attention

5. You tell same story twenty times:

While your friends entertain themselves by gossiping about the latest prank they played to their younger brother or sister or having a line of cool dudes after them, you try to come up with something similar to make everyone believe that your life is also full of fun and adventure. To grab the attention and for being entertaining, you even start cooking stories out of thin air. To impress people, you keep telling them the some stories, of course the same story to a new group of people. That’s because it worked a couple of times.

You tell same story twenty times

4. Access pre-occupied exclamations:

You are always presuming likes and dislikes of your friends, especially your crush. Their likings are already your favorite and there is hardly any opinion with which you don’t agree with them. You are using some exclamation phrases as a reaction to every word your friend is speaking out like OMG, don’t tell me, really? you must be kidding me and so on. If you friend says, “I like movies”, then you’ll display expressions of wondrous attention like you never hear people liking movies. At this point, you need to put a full stop to your exaggerated exclamations and presumptions.

Access pre-occupied exclamations

3. Emotional bully and a universal victim:

No matter what it takes, but stupidity transforms you into an emotional bully and you try to appear as an unfortunate victim. You tell it to everyone you wish to make friends with. Even a negligibly small disagreement of your boyfriend with you is an opportunity to announce an emotional world war. It doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to fire tears like crying is a mini Gatling gun and fake suicide warnings are nuclear weapons. You find it an effective way to get all the attention by emotionally bullying or blackmailing your friends or boyfriend.

Emotional bully and a universal victim

2. Lifestyle magazines decide what you want:

Wise quotes, from seers and holy books, advice us to concentrate on our inner calling, to find ourselves, our purpose, desires, and our true identity. You are following the advice, but instead of contemplating inside your head, you are looking at Oprah or Hilary. You think you must want what these celebrities always say is worth having, and instead of your heart, you spend hours on Internet searching top 10 tips to impress people around you. Lifestyle magazines become your holy guides for living a perfect life.

Lifestyle magazines decide what you want

1. Stalking and jealousy:

While you think you are following Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’, you indulged yourself in a very lethal practice; comparison with those around you. Your jealousy has led you to stalking on your boyfriend or your presumed rival chicks. You stalk and make unnecessary comments on Facebook walls even when you have nothing of value to say. After all this, you think others are responsible for all your anxiety, anger, loneliness, hate, and fears. It matches perfectly with the role play of a victim.

Stalking and jealousy

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