Top 7 Luxury Airliners For A Business Flier

Updated on 26 Dec, 2013 at 8:45 am


The perks of flying business class have evolved dramatically over the last decade. With some of the world’s leading Airliners trying to woo the business flier with the latest developments in technology, ergonomics, designer interiors and gourmet cuisine, we look at the seven most enticing Airways.

7. Singapore Airlines:

This Airliner is unrivalled in terms of inflight space for passengers with a unique 1-2-1 cabin layout ensuring every seat has a direct aisle excess. Flat beds are adorned with duvet pillows and fresh linen giving the traveler a homely feel. The flight menu is a brainchild of a panel of culinary experts and the airlines also provides passengers with the facility of opting for a pre ordered gourmet meal with their “Book the Cook” service.

Singapore Airlines

6. Cathay Pacific:

Cathay Pacific’s new business class design allows one to control the degree of privacy they desire, with the new fully flatbed which has the feature of a bed extension increasing its width by 16.5 cm to provide hip support. It’s 15.4 inch touch screen TV has a rotating entertainment library. The food has also drawn some well-deserved ire from its rivals.

Cathay Pacific

5. Virgin Atlantic:

Every time you say Virgin Atlantic you relate it to a luxurious self-indulgence which does not relate to first class but rather the upper class and that too in a more youthful way. No wonder it offers an on-board bar and an on demand meal service. And if that not enough you can demand for an inflight message too. The seats are roomy and the overall experience can be dubbed as pampering. No wonder it has been an edgy rival to its cousin BA.

Virgin Atlantic

4. Japan Airlines:

When you say JAL, you say comfort. Its seating upholstery is from the sofa manufacturers Poltrona Frau with adjustable headrests, side cushions, down pillows and comforters. Not enough, the seats also have a built in massage feature. JAL offers both Japanese as well as western food, impressive enough to leave a lasting memory.

Japan Airlines

3. Swiss International Airlines:

No other airline has commanded the reputation of courtesy and efficiency as SIA. It offers all the expected services and amenities expected including duty free on board shopping, a treat of Sprungli Chocolates (after all its Swiss) and a dining option from a light snack to a seven course meal. In fact to keep travelers palates satiated, as per its innovative culinary program “SWISS taste of Switzerland”, it showcases a rotating menu that highlights cuisines from the various parts of the country changing every three months.

Swiss International Airlines

2. British Airways:

As royal as the Island itself, this Airline offers a flatbed extending six feet and six inches giving those legs of your supermodel girlfriend some well-deserved room. Not only this, the seats are designed in a “z” bed position giving one the privacy of enjoying a relaxing sleep or viewing the many video options. What’s more you can actually make your own dining schedule (not the crews!). Also known is the inflight Club Kitchen where one can help himself to some delicious snacks.

British Airways

1. KLM:


With a scheduled passenger and cargo services to over 90 destinations, KL M is the flag carrier airlines for Netherlands (Holland) and probably the oldest airline to still retain its original name. In its latest top designer Hella Jongerius has been roped in to give its interiors a royal Dutch look with the introduction of full flat seats this season. What’s more its “meet and seat” feature lets you view other passengers’ Facebook or LinkedIn profile details long before the flight takes off.


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