Top 7 Cycle Tyre Brands In India

4:00 am 26 Apr, 2014

Awareness about cycle tyres has increased in the past few years by many folds. This has happened more due to the rise in health awareness among people and especially youngsters. All of us know that cycling can get us rid of useless fat, initially, and other harmful diseases later. Not only that, you can venture out to discover new places on your bicycle. It’s cool to ride on one and keep fit than riding any machine-driven vehicle. For this, you need to know about the best cycle tyre brands in India which ranked highly by users. Here is the list:

7. Apollo Tyres Ltd.

Apollo has its corporate headquarter in Gurgaon in India. Established in the year 1972, it has proved itself to be one of the best tyre manufacturing brands in India and across the globe. Their cycles tyres are quite famous as reported by worldwide users and continue to satisfy new buyers. But before buying you need to do your bit of careful research. Apollo is a brand on which you can rely on without fear.

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Apollo Tyres Ltd.

6. Dunlop Auto Tyres Pvt. Ltd.

Dunlop Auto Tyres was a renamed version of the Ruia Group which acquired a facility in Himachal Pradesh to set up a technologically updated manufacturing centre for the manufacture of cycle tyres. The name Dunlop has often attracted your attention and most cycle fanatics see it as a mark of perfection. You can opt for Dunlop if you really wish to have the bet tyres in business. Tyres for other vehicles are also available. The reports and reviews of all have been good so far.

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Dunlop Auto Tyres Pvt. Ltd.

5. GRL Tires

At GRL (Govind Rubber Limited) Tires are going to be offered a host of options varying in style, safety and most importantly utility. It was established as early as in the year 1964 by Mr. M. P. Poddar. The bicycle industry in India had not matured yet and hence bicycle tyres were still not a fashionable entity. But slowly it has gone on to become one of India’s best tyre companies. You can trust the brand even if you only consider the age. The tyres are stylish and durable and best for the Indian roads.

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GRL Tires

4. Ralson Tyres

Ralson Tyres is also a big name in the tyre business not only because of its bicycle tyres but other tyres too. You also get tubes here. There are many varieties and styles of tyres from which you can choose. The technological advancements are at par with international standards. They have proved to be a trusted brand among buyers and you easily invest on this. Not only tyres you will get a host of bicycle parts here – which counts up to 11. It’s always better to get everything under one roof isn’t it?

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Ralson Tyres

3. Syndicate Tyres

Syndicate Tyres is a renowned name in the field of bicycle tyre manufacturing companies. It has since its inception provided great quality tyres and ones that fit the Indian roads. They reportedly use very good quality cotton or nylon to make their tyres. On using such material the tyres have a long life and therefore are more likely to be used more than the others. The prices are also not too high to fit into the pockets of any user. The most sophisticated and advanced technology goes into the manufacturing of these tyres which give them their longevity.

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Syndicate Tyres

2. Metro Tyres

Metro tyres have been manufacturing high quality bicycle tyres since a long time. They too have the best technology to assist them. Metro has almost reached the best position in India’s leading tyre companies after it collaborated with Germany’s Continental AG. They initially were makers of only bicycle tyres but now have upgraded themselves to more tyres of other vehicles. You have the option to choose from various styles which includes MTB Bicycle Tyres, City Bicycle Tyres and BMX Bicycle Tyres. You can expect the best quality anytime.

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Metro Tyres

1. Bedrock

Under the brand name of Bedrock the Poddar Tyres Limited Company works. Bedrock is another manufacturer of bicycle tyres who have been providing us with a consistent quality since a very long time. The tyres have been selected and used by athletes. Hence you can expect good quality and perfect design and style. They have a huge national and international market and are soon aiming the highest position in cycle tyre brands.

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