Top 6 Health Benefits Of Cycling Regularly

5:00 pm 17 Sep, 2014


Cycling a few minutes every day is a great low-impact exercise that can benefit people of all ages, as well as protect our environment. Why cycle when you have the comfort of AC cars? Well for one thing, according to WHO, physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyles are ranked second to tobacco smoking as a health risk in developed countries. At present, with pollution taking over the crowded cities and traffic jams making you wait for hours, cycles are being preferred by more and more people for transportation. Riding cycles to schools, colleges, work or shopping is the quickest way to get around; in addition you get a great work out for whole of your body. Whether you choose cycling for that adrenaline rush, exercise or for transportation, overall health benefits come with it free. If you do not own a cycle yet, here are the 6 amazing health benefits of cycling that tell you why you should buy one today.

6. Builds up your stamina:

Can’t walk a few steps without huffing and puffing? Then it is time you started cycling, seeing that cycling is the best way to build stamina. People enjoy cycling; hence they do not mind going a few more meters every time they go out, which increases their endurance. Start with shorter rides and go on increasing the distance you ride at a moderate pace. Once you reach the goal you tend you achieve, you can concentrate on increasing the speed until you get into the aerobic zone.

Builds up your stamina

5. Controls weight:

Is your expanding waistline adding to your stress? On average, a person weighing 170 pounds will burn more than 600 calories with an hour’s riding, in addition to toning up their whole body, especially legs and bottom. Sports physiologists discovered that the metabolic rate of our body increases during cycling, moreover it remains high for few more hours after you stop. If you eat calories after cycling for 30 minutes, the high metabolic rate will eat up those calories faster. Cycling at medium pace is known to burn out 300-500 calories per hour. If losing weight is your aim of cycling, than incorporate fast intervals during your ride which is known to burn 350% more fat than you would at a leisurely pace.

Controls weight

4. Improves Mental Health:

Exercises are great stress busters, and they are known to improve mental health; the best being cycling outdoors. Even though you may start the ride feeling stressed; your mind will tend to relax as you zoom away on your bicycle with wind in your face. Not hair, because your helmet is covering it. People who ride bicycle regularly are at lower risk of being victims of depression, anxiety, panic attacks or stress. They often have higher self esteem and feel confident about their health and fitness.

Improves Mental Health

3. Boosts your energy levels:

If you say “I am feeling sluggish today, I may have to skip cycling” you are quite wrong. Scientific research has proven that getting on the saddle increased the energy levels of the body by 20 percent, while at the same time it reduced fatigue by 65%. Sounds unbelievable, but scientists explain that cycling triggers the brain activity releasing dopamine, which is linked to energy levels in our body. Peddling leisurely, just 3-4 times a week is known to lower fatigue levels and boost energy in a great way.

Boosts your energy levels

2. Tone up those sagging muscles:

Often it is believed that cycling involves the muscles of legs, though the fact is quite contrary to it. Though the muscles of legs, calves, thighs and rear end get worked out a bit more, cycling involves every part of the body increasing the general muscle function. It is great for the mobility of knee joints and hip bones. Those with injuries, arthritis or health issues can take up cycling, because it is a low-impact exercise that places little stress and weight on joints.

Tone up those sagging muscles

1. Cycling keeps you fit and healthy:


Cycling every day, keeps the doctor away could be your new mantra. A person, who cycles an average of 20 miles a week, reduces his risk of coronary heart disease by nearly 50%. Cycling improves the cardio-vascular fitness as it raises the heart rate, strengthening the heart muscles and reducing risk of high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke. Cycling is a great stimulation for lungs and circulatory system. It is known to boost our immune system which can protect against many other illnesses, including certain cancers.

Cycling keeps you fit and healthy

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