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Top 6 Gifts that your Dad Will Love

Updated on 25 February, 2013 at 8:50 am By

Telling your dad you love him, is not like telling your mom you love her. You can hug your mom more often; kiss her and behave like a baby in her presence. But, free expression of love does not come easy with men, especially fathers. And, yet this should not stop you from telling your dad how much you love him and value the things he has done for you. Gifts are, therefore, the best way to show your dad that you love him. There are a number of occasions when you can present a gift to your dad. It could be his birthday, marriage anniversary, your first job, etc. Fancy wrapped gifts are not such a good idea because men usually look for more meaningful stuff. And, to help you choose, we have compiled a list of the following 6 best gifts that your dad will love. Read on.

6. Bottle Openers:


As simple as they may sound, a useful bottle opener is a must have for men and if your dad doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to gift him one. There are many options available in the market and on the internet. You can either gift him a personalized bottle opener, with his name or his favorite quote inscribed on it, or you can also gift him what are known as magnet bottle openers. They use strong magnets, so that even when a fully loaded bottle of beer is stuck to their mouth, it does not fall off. They look stylish and your dad is bound to get complements the next time his friends visit him.

Bottle Openers

5. Phone accessories:

The number of accessories available for phones, today, is countless. Your dad too may have specific needs for his cell phone; it could be a rugged case or a portable charger or a Bluetooth headset. You can order them online or buy from markets. This can be made exciting if you take your dad along when you go to buy it and make it your turn to guide your dad. Once you buy it, do help your dad learn how to use it, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy being guided as well as the gift.

Phone accessories

4. Wines and Whisky:

If your dad savors having a good sophisticated time with whisky, you can actually gift him a nice bottle for any occasion. I’m sure he’ll enjoy reclining with after a sip of wine or whisky. Let him inspect the color and aroma, and for once let him become philosophical. But make sure your mom doesn’t get to see this.

Wines and Whisky

3. Books:

Yes, books may seem like a cliché but one cannot deny that they are still very charming. For all the dads who are not tech savvy and enjoy spending time reading books in the park or at home, this is the perfect gift.  Let him have some good time relaxing on his couch, reading something that delights him.


2. Plan a holiday/road trip:

For raising kids, most parents forgo their own dreams and ambitions. If you’ve known about places they wished to visit but couldn’t visit because of life’s priorities, this is the time to give your dad a surprise. Of course this might mean shelling a tad more money from your pocket, but choosing between your father’s happiness and your pocket is upon you. Just for kicks, a road trip would be the best idea; adventurous and delightful.

Plan a holiday or road trip

1. Gadgets he likes:


The world of gadgets, today, is quite vast, and there is certainly one for everyone. From smartphones, laptops, tablets, fitness equipment and smaller things like e-book readers, digital cameras, etc., there are whole lot of options you can choose from. In fact life without some form of technology can become a handicap. Find out from your dad what he’d like best and then make your purchase. Give him only the best, something he really deserves.


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