Top 5 Vocational Courses Indian Students Should Consider After Class 12th

8:00 am 14 Mar, 2014


Since ages, it was a popular belief that you’re life wasted if you cannot grow up to become one of the ‘divine’ trio—doctor, engineer and professor. Well, with the usher of modern outlook, things have actually prospered. Nowadays, you have got hoards of vocational courses to choose from after you graduate from your 10+2, something which the earlier people could never even dare to think of! Vocational training programs offer a great scope to inculcate the passion of students and use them productively in their career. A few vocational training programs are listed below—

5. Audio Engineering

This is one job that is hailed by the Gen X as one of their favorites. It is that job which synthesizes their aspiration with their filial demands (engineering after all!). It craters to the need of mixing, jamming, manipulating and reproducing sound for the new media including cyber games—something which the youngsters just love to do and the job prospect in the industry is, needless to say, at an all time rise due to the massive boom in the television and cyber media industry. For being an audio engineer, you need to have passed your 10+2 with pure science from a recognized board with at least 50% marks. The colleges and institutions offering such courses are: FTII, SRFTI, Asian Academy of Film and Television, Sound Engineering Academy, IIT Kharagpur, and  CRAFT among hosts of other institutions.

Audio Engineering

4. Multimedia and Animation


We all have grown up watching Walt Disney’s creations onscreen; just imagine the fun of creating such creatures with your own hands! Well, you can’t really create them just out of the blue, for that you need to have certain expertise and knowledge about multimedia and animation so that you can virtually give life to the inanimate objects born out of your fancy! There are numerous institutions in India providing courses on the same; however, most of them offer diplomas and PG diplomas than degrees. The basic qualification required is 10+2 pass from a recognized board—that’s it! If you want to make a prosperous career in animation (it’s one of the hot jobs now, thanks to the kids’ ever increasing demands of Chota Bheem and Doraemon!), you can go to Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, Toonz Academy, Zee Institute of Creative Arts, Amity Universe and Arena Animation among the rest!

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Multimedia and Animation

3. Game Designing

In this era, we wonder who on earth doesn’t love gaming and cyber sports! In fact, remember those days when we used to bunk classes to “fight” Counter Strike games? Well, passing 10+2 doesn’t mean a full stop to all these things—you can inculcate your hobby and transform it into a career of your own—if your love and passion for gaming is true. And, with the increasing demand of games and cyber sports, you can expect a high paid flourishing career as well. You can opt for a variety of such courses (mostly diplomas and PG Diplomas) at these institutes—Fraction and Frames, Picasso Animation College, DSK Supinfocom, Industrial Design Center (at IIT Bombay), etc.

Game Designing

2. Photography

Although there is an age-long debate about the superiority of painting from photography, most of us see photography as art, don’t we? A costly DSLR or an array of lenses doesn’t make photographers, but essentially raw talents do—but how to inculcate the talent and passion into a flourishing career? Well, here come some of the good photography institutions to rescue! The eligibility criterion for most of the allied courses on photography is a 10+2 pass, but in order to excel in this competitive field, creativity is a necessity. The institutions where diplomas, PG diplomas and degree courses on photography are offered are: A.J.K Mass Communication Research Center, Jamia Milia Islamia, Asian Academy of Film and Television, Osmania University, CRAFT, etc.

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1. Foreign Languages

The education and knowledge of foreign languages in India have been looked upon as a very important qualification since the age of Gupta Empire—and this hasn’t ceased in importance ever since. Apart from 2 or 3 Indian languages that we all know, if you know one or two foreign languages, you’re sure to land up on a great job. Spanish, French, German, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese—knowledge of any language is surely gonna help you in the long run. Apart from the respective embassies, you can learn the languages at numerous other institutions like, EFL University, Ramakrishna Institute of Culture, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, etc. The basic qualification required at all these institutes is a 10+2 pass.


Foreign Languages