Top 5 scandalous quotes

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Updated on 27 Jun, 2018 at 2:59 pm


Celebrities are always on the radar of media for whatever they say or do. Some of them are laureled for their noble gestures whereas some are damned for their lousy acts. Here are top 5 scandalous quotes of famous celebrities which tainted their public images drastically.

5. Paris Hilton & Jason Shaw in their sex tape:

Jason: Spread your legs

Jason: (Whispering to the camera) She’s a sicko!

Paris: My puss is all gross

Jason: (to the camera) I get to bang her

Paris: (puffs a cigar) on the f***ing rag…sucks…c**k

Top 5 scandalous quotes

4. Colin Farrell to Nicole Narain in their sex tape:

Man, if  f***ing camera could blush it would be f***ing red because you are so f***ing pretty…I f***ing live on porn! What are you talking about? You are so sexy, you’re so f***ing sexy. Where is the zoom on this f***ing piece of P***y? You’re f***ing gorgeous. Baby, you’re so f***ing beautiful. Man…awww, the battery is dead so is my f***ing c**k.

Top 5 scandalous quotes

3. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to his assistant via sms:

Slut, I need it real bad. Definitely will dream about you. All love songs, I think about you. You were my girl for as long as I can remember. I was too young and stupid to know. I promise for the rest of my life you will be my girl. You were kind of wet last night, inside and out. LOL…not till death do us apart.

Top 5 scandalous quotes

2. Mark Foley to an underage congressional page:


MF: did any girl give you a handjob this weekend

UCP: lol no

MF: good, so your’e getting horny

UCP: lol…a bit

MF: did you spank it this weekend yourself

UCP: no…been too tired and too busy

MF: wow…i am never too busy haha

Top 5 scandalous quotes

1. Pat O’Brien to a female producer:

What would you do if I mast***ated in front of you?

Top 5 scandalous quotes