Top 5 Rising Nanotechnologies

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:12 pm


In almost every unshakable industries nano-technology has entered along with its wide spread technological goals. This technology is used with the help of atoms and molecules and also referred to as molecular nanotechnology. Here are some of the assembled rising nanotechnologies which is in greater demand these days while some of the technologies still need to expand its impact towards industries. Have a look:-

5. Quantum Computing:

  • Field: Nano-electronics
  • Availability: Near future/distant future

Quantum Computing is consider best to complete task such as cryptography, modeling, and indexing large databases. It totally depends on quantum physics concepts using properties of atoms and nuclei to work together as quantum bits or qubits. They can actually perform and behave faster than ‘conventional computers’. Most of today’s computers rely on electrons and electricity that fly around surface in bits and chunks but Quantum Computing is all about subatomic particles that do number crunching far much better than those machines that runs in bits.


4. Regeneration Of Human Tissue:

  • Field: Nanomedicine
  • Availability: Distant future

A research done on  May 7, 2007 revealed that if you combine nano-technology with biology, you can heal damage tissues and organs. Once our cells of our nervous system become fully mature, they are not able to exhilarate themselves in anyway. There are some researches who have discovered that there is one gel which can activate these cells again and can also help these cells in their fast growth, thanks to nano-technology.

Rising Top 5 Rising Nano-technologies

3. Effective Drug Delivery Systems:

  • Field: Nanomedicine/Bionanotechnology
  • Availability: Distant future

The drug delivery system into central nervous system is a very challenging task in treating any neurological disorders. Due to the advanced nanotechnology possibility of inducing the drug delivery into CNS has been improved. Various approach has been used to open blood brain barriers using the best transport and carrier systems.  Drugs are wrapped up in nano structures and by attacking they get dissolved in germs and release the medicine.

rising nano-technologies

2. Energy Harvesting:

  • Field: Nanomaterials
  • Availability: Distant future


To extend the life span and the performance of products built is all about the potential of Energy Harvesting. Lets just suppose, if you are going home or anywhere and suddenly your cellphone ran out of battery, how would you react if it automatically gets recharged on your way home while walking ? Interesting, isn’t?. With nano-technology such systems can be built with so flexibility and smoothness.


Rising nano-technologies

1. Military Applications:

  • Field: Nanoelectronics/nanomaterials/bionanotechnology
  • Availability: Distant future

Nano-Technology can help our soldiers in military applications during war. It can enhance all the lighter weight equipment’s of soldiers with more durablity. We can also fix nano sensors in soldiers uniform and in body to help them provide all the controls they can handle at their best.


Rising Nano-technologies