Top 5 Monsters In The Movies

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Updated on 9 Apr, 2018 at 6:00 pm


Some of the legendary monsters and creatures, such as werewolves and dragons are indeed mythical – but in other cases, like Loch Ness, we may have a totally unknown species that has survived since the dinosaur age, or a totally new mutant who has evolved because of some external force in our modern world. In this post, we will discuss the involvement of monsters in movies.

1. Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein is the name of the creator of the monster, not the monster itself. The original story was written in 1816 by English writer Mary Shelly when she and her friends competed to write the scariest story. It was first made into a silent film in 1910 by the inventor Thomas Edison and has been remade many times since. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (1994) is the highest earning of all the versions.



2. Egyptian Mummies


The Mummy (1932) featured an Egyptian mummy that comes to life and attacks people. The Mummy was remade in 1999 and its sequel, the comedy-adventure The Mummy Returns (2001), has made more than $433 million.


3. Aliens

Hundreds of movies have been made about alien monsters attacking Earth. The most successful of these was Independence Day (1996).



4. Zombies

Zombies are the undead bodies that come out to their graves and terrorize the living. They have been the subject of many films, including Night of Living Dead (1968) and the comedy Shaun of The Dead (2004). This was billed as the first “Rom-Com-Zom” (Romantic Comedy Zombie film).



5. Vampires

Irish author Bram Stoker’s vampire novel Dracula was first published in 1897. Since then it has been made into countless films. The version starring Bela Lugosi (1931) is one of the most famous. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) and Van Helsing (2004) have been the most successful at the box office.