Top 5 Legendary Heroes The World Has Ever Known

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1:21 pm 22 Apr, 2010


There are many men who were known for their courage or heroic act that the world can’t miss to remember still. Here are top 5 legendary heroes that the world has ever known.

1. El Cid

Also known as El Cid Campeador (meaning my lord, the champion). His real name was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar and he was a Spanish nobleman who was born in about 1040 and died in 1099. El Cid is a national hero in Spain because he is seen as a brave and accomplished warrior who fought to take control of Spain from the Muslims. Legends suggest that El Cid fought for both sides at different times.


el cid


2. St George

St George was a soldier from the Roman empire who refused to take part in the Empire’s persecution of Christians. He was executed for treachery and became a Christian martyr. Later, King Edward III made him the patron Saint of England. St George is the hero of a legend in which he slays a man-eating dragon that was guarding a city’s water supply. The city’s inhabitants were so grateful that they converted from paganism to George’s Christianity.


saint george


3. King Arthur

Legend says that Arthur, King of the Britons, won the throne by pulling a sword – the famous Excalibur – from a stone. This was a feat that only the true king was able to achieve. Arthur ruled during a period of peace and prosperity in Britain. Some folk tales say that if Britain is in danger, Arthur will return with his knights to defend the nation.






4. Heracles/Hercules

According to Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules was born with superhuman strength. By the time he reached adulthood, he killed a lion. Hercules had a jealous stepmother, who drove him to madness. While in this state, Hercules killed his wife and children. In order to regain his honor, Hercules had to perform difficult tasks.




5. Robin Hood

The Robin Hood of folklore was an English nobleman whose land was seized while King Richard Lion’s heart was away fighting in the Crusades (1188-92). He became an outlaw in Sherwood Forest and led a band of Merry Men (and Maid Marian, his true love). They robbed the nobility who traveled through the forest and passed on the valuables they stole to the poor and needy. Robin Hood was a master of disguise and many stories describe how he dressed as somebody else in order to trick his enemies or rescue his friends.


robin hood