5 Hairstyles That Look Good On Most Girls

3:44 pm 13 Mar, 2010

Girls always prefer hairstyles that look best on their face; be it round, oval, square or anything else. These hairstyles can make anyone flatter around you, without being too extreme.

1. Bangs on forehead

This hairstyle is a tough one to pull off. Also, people think that the bangs keep going in and out of style. But there are some faces that are made for this hairstyle. If you have a large forehead, don’t think twice. Though this look will make you look awfully kiddish, I love it for just that.


Top 5 hairstyles for girls


2. Part Pony

Take up the upper half section of your hair and fluff them up. Now fix them up with a clutch. A side parting looks particularly good with this look. You are ready for any kind of night.


Top 5 hairstyles for girls


3. Pony

Meeting with the guy’s parents? It’s time you go back in time to those school days. Look clean. That’s all. Those who think it makes for a boring look, you can achieve just as much glamor in such a hairstyle if you team it up with the right earrings.


Top 5 hairstyles for girls


4. Careless bun

Yeah, we’re talking naughty. Pull up your hear to tie them into a messy bun. Make sure this hairstyle looks sufficiently careless (no matter how hard you tried to get it right). It means you mean business.


Top 5 hairstyles for girls


5. Long let loose

Yes. We know. Fashion statements come and go but if there is one thing that never goes out of style are your long pretty tresses let loose for the air to flirt with. This hairstyle for girls is a classic fashion symbol as well as the easiest way to look captivating in the crowd.

Top 5 hairstyles for girls: Long Let Loose

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