Top 5 Getaways If You Are Bored With Goa

Updated on 15 Aug, 2014 at 6:46 am


Whenever we think holiday, we think Goa, and I thought with a coastline as big as ours why can’t there be more places. Then I discovered that only within a radius of 700 kms of Bombay there were these bunch of other places to explore beaches, temples and wilderness. Scroll down and explore this list to explore other not-in-mainstream places if you’re bored with the interference of Goa.

5. Ratnasagar Lake:

An eight hour drive from Mumbai, Ratnasagar Lake lies in the town of Ratnagiri in the heart of the Konkan, India. Famous for its world renowned Alphonso Mangoes, this place also has endless acres of nodding palms and cashew nuts. A short drive away are the beaches of Bhatye, Mandvi and Ganapatipule. Other places to explore are the Purnagad, Ratnadurg and Jaigad forts devoid of jostling crowds or pesky vendors.

Ratnasagar Lake

4. Bhandardara:

With gurgling brooks and giant waterfalls, nature kicks to sheer life in this beautiful town. The Holy towns of Shirdi and Nashik are within a radius of 100 Km of this place. Other checkpoints include the Wilson Dam and the Arthur Lake. Legend has it that the famous sage Agasti meditated here and was rewarded for his penance by the Gods in the form of the holy river Pravara.


3. Gokarna:

This drowsy hamlet, about 583 Km from Bangalore and 700 Km from Mumbai, gets its name from the ear shaped confluence of the rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini. This temple town fringed by beaches is quickly rising in popularity amongst young travelers from across the globe. Its entire fabric is enriched by instances of historical architecture. The huge Mahabaleshwar temple merits a special mention. The most popular beaches here include the Kudlee, Half Moon and the Paradise beach.


2. Vengurla:


Vengurla is an erstwhile Dutch settlement also in the Sindhudurg district of approximately 550 Km from Mumbai, surrounded by a range of lush green hilly range on one side and the sea on the other. While the hills boast of a rich bounty of cashew, berries, coconut, jackfruit and mango groves the sea offers a myriad of sea fish and other local delicacies. The two most famous beaches there include the Nivti and the Bhogawe. There is also a Burnt Island which is home to the Indian Swiftlet and other species of birds which will tingle your shutterbug senses.  There is an ancient Shri Devi Temple and Rameshwar Mandir which demand a visit as well.


1. Tarkali:


Tarkali is about 70 Km short of Goa if you are headed there from Mumbai. The location is in the district of Sindhudurg. A ten hour drive from Mumbai gets you to the fine grained white beaches of this bastion of the erstwhile Maratha kingdom. Snorkeling and scuba diving is recommended to experience a splash of marine life in the clear blue Arabian sea. There are scores of beaches to see with a few of them being nesting grounds for female turtles. Food includes fresh seafood and if one is passionate about history then there is a Shivchhatrapati temple nearby for a visit.


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