Top 5 Firsts That Were Not Actually First

9:39 am 19 Jun, 2013

If you ask anyone where the World Trade Centre was or why you can not catch bees but you can easily catch butterflies probably  everyone will be able to give you an answer loaded with their own facts. But there are many things in life we come across daily and hear about them from people with incomplete knowledge, and still mark them as the proper information one can get to hear. This result out as “taken for granted truth” and from that point we rely on them instead of researching for true hidden facts. Here are some of the top 5 firsts that were actually not first. Enjoy!


5. The Big Bang Theory:

We really don’t want to displease our readers but this is something you need to know about the other side of the Big Bang Theory. One of the former US secretary of State Dean Rusk mentioned ” The best way to actuate people is by your long angry comment on internet “.  Fr. Georges Lemaitre was the Belgian priest who projected his hypothesis on how the universe expand in 1927 but he was really not sure about it so he met Albert Einstein to talk over about this theory. He was not successful to convince Einstein and was rather told that despite of his good calculations in physics he still needs to improve but later he added that saying no to his theory was his biggest mistake of his life. The name of this theory Big Bang was used by skeptic physicist, Fred Hoyle, who was continuously applying this name as an approach to make the whole concept look absurd.

Top 5 Firsts That Weren't Actually First

4.  The First Light Blub:

We know the man Thomas Edison who invented the first light bulb but today we are sharing something more that you need to know. Before he invented the light bulb, bulbs were in existence but due to the expensive platinum used in them, they failed to come out in circulation. Sir Humphry Davy (the man in the picture) created light by passing electricity through platinum in 1801 – that means 78 years before Edison’s incandescent bulb! But for the first time platinum was used in vacuum by Warren de la Rue just like we used bulbs in modern days. So, now its kind of undigestable stuff to believe that Thomas Edison was the first to invent light blub.

Top 5 Firsts That Weren't Actually First

3. First Man To Bypass The Globe:

You might not believe this but we are going to share the ‘dark side’ of this article. According to the history books  Magellan was the man who circumnavigated the globe but the fact is that he himself died before he became popular for his feat. His ship did completed the globe but without him in command. Enrique De Malacca was board on that crew who was a slave of Magellan’s and was a benefit for them as a interpreter. Many people rely on the fact that he was actually Fillipino who was never displayed as a hero.

Top 5 Firsts That Weren't Actually First

2. The First Printing Press:

It was the biggest invention that came into prominence for spreading up information storage and sharing. It was developed by Johannes Guttenberg in 1439 which can make 240 pages an hour with high quality. There are some people who still believe that  Guttenberg brought this technology from Korea during the time when Mongols where trying to destroy their religious texts and Koreans were trying to save them. But we are not able to find the certain information based on truth. Nevertheless, there is always a probability that Guttenberg only took the idea and never created it himself.

Top 5 Firsts That Weren't Actually First

1. First Non-stop Transatlantic flight:

Ask anyone who cross the Atlantic first and the only name that will pop up is of Charles Lindbergh. But in reality John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown were ahead of Lindbergh by almost eight years. On July 14, 1919 they left from Newfoundland but on their way, they were knocked out and after 16 hours of flying they landed in Ireland. Their plane was badly crashed and their names, along with their journey, ended there.

Top 5 Firsts That Weren't Actually First


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