5 Chick Flicks That Girls Love To Watch And Rewatch

Updated on 18 Mar, 2018 at 1:18 am


Chick Flicks are not just for girls, because, ironically, they are widely adored by boys too; despite lame-it’s-for-gals attitude. From emotional romances to power-pack actions, these top class movies tell us what girls are exactly and what they can do practically.

1. The Proposal

You would think that Sandra Bullock is way past her prime to be looking cute in any romantic movie. ‘The Proposal’ accepts her at her age, gives it a glamorous twist and voila…you have your sweet romantic movie. Not to mention Ryan Reynolds more than makes up for anything wrong with the movie.


2. Notting Hill

I doubt there are many people reading this who have not already seen this one. This popular chick flicks a staple for all those looking for romance with the nonchalance of Hugh Grant thrown in. Need I say more?



3. Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez has one of those interesting jobs, Wedding Planner, with a not-so-interesting life otherwise. Things get exciting when she falls for a guy and later finds out he is the groom for one of the weddings she is planning. A must watch classic!


4. Sex and the City

Coming after a successful series, this chick flick had to match up to expectations. And it sure did. Without compromising on the fashion quotient, the movie did a great job at telling 4 stories with equal finesse.


5. Legally Blonde

Movies after movies, nothing compares to this one. The gradual transformation from being a gullible babe to a smart ace hot student makes this chick flick the one to make you want to cheer for Reese Witherspoon till you have run out of breath.




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