These 5 Cancer Facts Dispel Many Of The Established Myths About The Disease

4:48 pm 9 Apr, 2010

Cancer has existed for all of human history. This name comes from the appearance of the cut surface of a solid malignant tumour, with “the veins stretched on all sides as the animal the crab has its feet, whence it derives its name”. Since the disease has existed for so many years, it is bound to have its own set of myths. Here are the top 5 cancer myths that has circulated throughout our history.

5. Positive thinking will cure cancer

While maintaining a positive outlook during cancer treatment is essential, it will not cure cancer. Being optimistic helps with quality of life during treatment. There is no scientific evidence that a positive attitude will cure cancer.

Top 5 cancer myths

4. Some types of cancers can be contagious

No type of cancer is contagious. However, there are two known contagious viruses, HPV and Hepatitis C, that can cause cancer. HPV is a known risk factor for cervical cancer and Hep C causes liver cancer.

Top 5 cancer myths

3. Cellphones cause cancer

Contrary to popular belief, cell phones are not believed to be a cause of cancer. There is no credible study available that consistently proves that using a cell phone has the ability to cause cancer.

Top 5 cancer myths

2. Cancer causes hair loss

Cancer does not cause hair loss. Hair loss is a side effect of cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Not everyone who has chemotherapy or radiation loses their hair either.

Top 5 cancer myths

1. Only women get breast cancer

This is by far the biggest cancer myth of all. Men get breast cancer also! An estimated 1500 men will be diagnosed and about 500 will die from the disease this year. Male breast cancer is uncommon, yet still happens.

Top 5 cancer myths

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