Top 5 brands of body oil

Updated on 13 Aug, 2012 at 1:14 pm


Taking care of your body is a very important part of skincare and is often neglected by a large number of people. Body oils are a great way of protecting yourself from the elements and nurture your skin. Body oils are composed of natural extracts of plant oils that are great for healing the body in many ways. Different kinds of oils have different properties but they all benefit the body and especially the skin by helping it emolliate and protecting it from the elements. Good quality body oils moisturize the skin in many ways and help give the skin a glow that other cosmetics seldom manage to reproduce. Massaging such oils is also beneficial for the skin in many ways. Beauty oils are also highly popular and can be used in a lot of different ways on the body. The mention of beauty oils would be nothing without the mention of their aromas which come from the plant or flower extracts that they are usually made from. Here are some of the best body oil brands that you can find.

5. Vitamin E body oil:

This body oil by Jo Malone is one of the top products that you will come across when looking for body oils. This oil is used for dry skin and has an aroma that is simply out of this world. This thick and luxurious oil performs well for not only your skin but also for your mood.


4. Lavender Body oil:

Jurlique are known all across the world for their environment friendly products and this Lavender Body oil is no different. This product is packed with plant and flower oils which relaxes the body and the mind when used. The oil softens the skin beautifully and is purely made of natural extracts which adds to the beauty of this wonderful product. The aroma is also out of this world and will relax you from the moment you open up the bottle.

lavender body oil

3. Johnson’s baby oil:

This is a product that many will instantly recognize. Although it clearly cays baby oil on the packaging of this one, it is widely used by adults as bath oil and as moisturizing oil. This product by Johnson & Johnson is pure and safe and manages to deliver the same comfort that many of us got from it when we were children.

johnson baby oil


2. Bitter Almond Body Oil:

The Bitter Almond Body oil by Korres is a delightful mix of vitamins and vegetable oils and is a multipurpose product that performs a wide variety of functions. The product will draw you towards it with its pristine aroma starts delivering right from the first application. One can easily buy this product even through any online cosmetics store.

bitter almond body oil


1. Body Glow:

The Body Glow oil by Nars cosmetics is one of the best products that you will find. This multipurpose oil smoothens and moisturizes the skin and gives it a wonderful chocolaty glow right from the moment it touches your skin. The oil is packed with natural nutrients and is also tender to the skin in many ways.

body glow