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Top 10 Worst Cities To Live In

Updated on 26 December, 2013 at 4:38 pm By

We often find people complaining about their home towns and cities. In fact, we are also one of them. Sometimes we hate our city’s commute system, sometimes we frown at the weather and sometimes it’s the city’s pollution that we grumble about. We informally rate some of the cities as the worst cities to live in. However, there are cities which do not pass a single test of ‘liveability’. You will be startled once you have a look at some of these cities. The under-written 10 cities either have high level of crime rate, or have worst transport links. Let’s have a look at the top 10 worst cities to live in.

10. Dzershinsk, Russia:

Most chemically polluted

Dzershinsk was homeland to a famous gasoline factory that produced a toxin, TEL. 30,000 tons of chemical weapons waste was dumped here during the period 1930-1998. Water in this city contains 17 million times more pollutants than the safe limit. The pollutants are basically phenol and dioxin. Death rate in this chemically polluted city of Russia exceeded the birth rate by 260% in 2003. Life expectancy rate in Dzershinsk is 42 years and 47 years for men and women respectively.

Dzershinsk, Russia

9. Bangkok, Thailand:

Hottest city


This capital city of Thailand is the also one of the most populous cities of the world. However, we will not ask you to drop your plans of living here just because of its population. The reason for Bangkok’s inclusion in the list of top 10 worst cities to live in is its extremely high temperature. Yes! Bangkok is the hottest city in the world. During the hottest months, average temperature here exceeds 34 degrees. Climate is not only hot but humid too. The humidity is usually at a very uncomfortable level, more than 90%. So, Bangkok will not only make you sweat but also make you feel suffocating.

Bangkok, Thailand

8. Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Worst commute

Sao Paulo is home to more than 11 million people. However, management of traffic in this city is the worst in the world. Traffic jams of average 112 miles in length are common here. On a bad day, Sao Paulo has also witnessed these jams stretching over 183 miles. Riots on streets are often seen and this worsens the commute. President DilmaRousseff’s announcement of $ 4 billion for the betterment of commute system in Sao Paula also doesn’t seem to be enough for this city of Brazil.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

7. Tokyo, Japan:

Most Expensive

Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. You will get a cup of coffee for $ 8.37 and a newspaper costs @ 6.44. Despite the fact that relative cost of living is dropping all over the world, Tokyo still stands tall at the position of the world’s most expensive city. One more amazing fact: Tokyo has retained the position for 14 out of last 20 years!

Tokyo, Japan

6. Yakutsk, Russia:

Coldest city

Yakutsk is a remote city in East Siberian region and it is cold, really cold! In the month of January, the average high is around -40 degrees. Temperature drops below the freezing point in September and don’t even touch the 0 degree mark until May. Lowest temperature recorded for the city is -81.4 degrees. Transport system of the city worsens the liveable condition. There is no railway link to Yakutsk and it’s a 6 hour plane ride from Moscow.

Yakutsk, Russia

5. Mogadishu, Somalia:

Most lawless

Mogadishu is the war-torn city of Somalia. There have been no effective government in Somalia since 1991. Though open warfare has stopped, for now, yet bombings and shootings are like a daily humdrum. 500,000 people have fled the city and more than 1 million deaths have been registered in last 21 years. Civil war has been rampant in this city for more than 21 years.

Mogadishu, Somalia

4. Manila, Philippines:

Densest population

The second largest city of Philippines is the most crowded one too. It has 43.079 people per square kilometer. The residents of Manila are also wretched by more than 20 cyclones, volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis per year. Typhoons and floods occur frequently. This city has acute pollution level too. Air pollution is eminent, causing more than 4000 deaths in a year. Overall, we can say that the vices of Manila, outrun its scenic beauty.

Manila, Philippines

3. Pyongyang, North Korea:

Most censored


Due to its over-isolationism policies, North Korea has not accepted mainstream internet and telecom technologies. The only media allowed in Pyongyang is state controlled propaganda. Owing a shortwave radio is considered as illegal and possessing a cell phone leads to conviction as a war criminal! Even the tourists and visitors are not permitted to carry a radio. Special permission, from approved officers is required to be taken by the residents of this city, to buy a radio are a TV-set.

Pyongyang, North Korea

2. San Pendro Sula, Honduras:

Most murderous

This city has the highest murder rate in the world. More than 1150 homicides occur in this city per year. Economy of Honduras is weak and whole nation is poverty-struck. Murders, brutality, tragedy are like everyday affair in this city of Honduras. Drug-cartels, mafias and gangs run rampant killings and smugglings. Poor people tend to get lured by the golden dreams shown by mafias and do killings for them in the greed of currency.

San Pendro Sula, Honduras

1. Pripyat, Ukraine:

Most radioactive


Pripyat is the deserted town of Ukraine. It was not in the condition in which it is today till 1986. The infamously known 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster turned Pripyat from a prosperous (50,000 population) to a ghost town. Buildings, schools, houses, etcetera have been despoiled and ravaged over the years. They have not been looked upon and taken care of since 1986. It is said that Pripyat will not be habitable for 20,000 years.

Pripyat, Ukraine


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