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7:26 am 26 Jun, 2012


Magazines have been a woman’s best friend since times immemorial. Helping her kill the long hours in the beauty parlours and spas, advising  her to how to be a better housekeeper or how to handle a new-born child, comforting her when her relationship is on the rocks by telling her that worse has happened to others and that she can pull out of it by keeping a calm head, and also keeping her fashion in check by telling her what is trending in the market : Prada or Dolce Gabana? Women magazines are more than every girls best friend. They are a life savior when it come fashion, home, parenting, career, relationships or cooking.  There are a lot of magazines in the market selling out advice for free, but some are better than the other. And some have been around the block for too long. Here is a list of the top ten women magazines of current times:

10. Lucky:

The ultimate shopping guide: fashion, beauty, home and more. And they give you the best deals putting in a lot of hard-work to provide you with relevant information. Myth has it that the editors hit the streets to find the best new looks and the best deals! Since its launch in December 2000, Lucky has been one of Condé Nast’s biggest successes, with circulation going from 500,000 to over 1.1 million. Unlike other magazines that advise their readers on a broad spectrum of issues, Lucky’s consumerist tendencies are not confined to the advertising pages (of which there are many), but fill each issue in articles with titles such as: ” What I Want Now “, ” Trend in the Making “, ” My Foolproof Outfit “, and ” Do Good While You Shop “. Every issue features a spread on some of the cover girl’s favorite clothes and trends.

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Top 10 women magazines: Lucky

9. Shape:

The publications for this women magazine began in 1981 and it has been doing incredibly well since then being a woman’s guidebook to a happy and healthy life. It  contains fitness, healthy diet, weight loss, diet tips and fashion for women of all ages. Their team of nutrition, fitness, healthy, beauty and psychology experts strive to provide females with confidence and tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Shape is also a believer in being green. As a supporter of the environment, they are the primary user of recycled paper among all major North American women’s lifestyle magazines. It is estimated that Shape saves 17,723 trees annually by printing on recycled paper.

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Top 10 women magazines: Shape

8. Teen Vogue:

They say this is a magazine every mother can give to her daughter with pride. Full of teenage related problems, fashions and beauty tips, this magazine is for every mother who she herself read Vogue as a child. The adult counterpart of this magazine is higher on our ratings, but it is very rare for both a magazine and then its other version to remain in the top ten. And for all those of you who don’t know this women magazine is published in a smaller 6¾”x9″ format, allowing it a unique cover size and more visibility on the front of a magazine selling shelf, and some flexibility getting into a digest size slot at checkout stands.

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Top 10 women magazines: Teen Vogue

7. Bust:

It is said to be a a revolutionary magazine that taps into everything a woman needs to know; from the latest in fashion to more serious, feminist issues. And with a first issue design like this:

Top 10 women magazines: Bust

you can sense that the owners (Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel) wanted to be heard out loud.

Our intention,” Stoller once said, “was to start a magazine that would be a real alternative to Vogue, Cosmo, Mademoiselle, and Glamour, something that was as fierce and as funny and as pro-female as the women we knew.

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Top 10 women magazines: Bust

6. Tango:

Despite being a very recent publication (2005), the reason TANGO  is at number 6 is because it is the only magazine totally devoted to the issues of LOVE. From revealing couples’ most private moments to tackling romantic myths, TANGO provides insights you won’t find anywhere else. It offers gripping stories, provocative views, and expert advice on all that matters in your relationship: communication, sex, money, leisure, career, home, and family.

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Top 10 women magazines: Tango

5. Body Soul:

This is a  health and lifestyle magazine geared towards “natural health, personal growth, and well-being,”  It is  full of fantastic tips on how to achieve your goal weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel positive about yourself, this magazine has everything from meditation techniques to natural beauty tips. The magazine was originally launched as the New Age Journal in 1974.The magazine was first rebranded as Body+Soul beginning with an edition in early 2002. In 2004, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia acquired the magazine and other publishing assets from Thorne Communications. The magazine became Whole Living in May 2010.

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Top 10 women magazines: Body Soul

4. O, The Oprah Magazine:

The talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey does a great job with the magazine too!  This magazine is for every woman with a dream as it is full of inspirational stories and an energy that leaves you dying to read more. With recipes, fashion, beauty and much, much more, this magazine has everything a woman needs.

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Top 10 women magazines: O, The Oprah magazine

3. Bazaar:

Okay, maybe we are a bit biased; other reviews will place this magazine low. But we like the crude cover, and also because this magazine is often described as more unique and less mainstream than other fashion magazines such as Vogue. With fashions that are varied to suit everyone’s taste, this is one magazine not to be missed for unique and chic fashion accessories and outfits. And also because its first issue came out in 1867. We urge you to read its wiki page.

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2. Vogue:

This deserves the number two spot. One, its publications began in 1892. Two,  in December 2006, it was hailed as “the world’s most influential fashion magazine”. Three, when it comes to Hollywood movies or even Bollywood for that fact, the model in the movie usually gets a cover photo on the same mag (remember Fashion?).  And here are the other reasons:
  • Vogue’s wide-reaching influence stems from various sources, including the persona and achievements of its most famous editor, its various charitable and community projects, its ability to reflect political discourse through fashion and editorial articles, and its move to emerging economies.
  • Vogue also uses its industry clout for good causes, most recently with the Fashion Night Out annual event. Also the brainchild of Wintour, FNO was launched in 2009 to kick start the economy by encouraging people to start spending money again. The proceeds of sales on the night go towards various charitable causes. The event is co-hosted by Vogue publications in 27 cities around the US and 15 countries worldwide, and from 2011 will include online retailers.
  • Vogue uses fashion, editorial and community projects to raise awareness of issues on the current political agenda. The burqa, for instance, made an appearance in a fashion spread in Vogue in 2006 and the publication has featured articles on prominent Muslim women, their approach to fashion and the effect of different cultures on fashion and women’s lives. In the “Beauty Without Borders” initiative, Vogue sponsored a project to teach beauty skills to Afghan women.
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Top 10 women magazines: Vogue


1. Cosmopolitan:

Last, but by no means least, this magazine is just one of the magazines that come so highly recommended by women. It indulges every part of a woman’s life and is quite renowned for its sexualized nature and hot sex tips! Full of fashion, celebrities and real-life stories, this should definitely be a magazine you find the time to read! It was launched in 1886, and with a circulation of 1,700,000 in the 1930s, Cosmopolitan had an advertising income of $5,000,000.  Why it remains number one is also because: Cosmopolitan has 63 international editions worldwide published in 32 languages with distribution in more than 100 countries making Cosmopolitan the largest-selling young women’s magazine in the world.

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Top 10 women magazines: Cosmopolitan

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