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Top 10 Winning Tips for Strategy Games

Published on 6 February, 2013 at 10:30 am By

There are so many strategy games out there, both for the computers (online games) and for the dedicated game consoles. Most strategy games have war as their central theme. One of the most common strategy games, Chess, too, has war as the theme. One thing that is almost common in all of such games is that each requires a lot of planning and technical acumen on the part of the player to outperform opponents and excel in the game. When you are playing these games, you need to be very analytical and strategic; though, you can play the game the way you want to, there are a few basic ways to win it. Listed below are top 10 winning tips for strategy games.

10. Know the game and rules inside out:

The strategy games expect the player to be able to make quick decisions effectively and also make use of all the available resources adequately. This is only possible when the player is well versed with the rules and requirements of the game. There are an array of different kinds of units and races in a game. The player should be able to identify the strengths and be familiar with the map; this makes the game engaging and easier to play.

Know the rules inside out to win strategy games

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9. Plan early and organize the available resources:


When playing a game like Age of Empires, the likeliness is that you will have limited resources and manpower. This is when you have to be most decisive and plan your progress most strategically. The best and easiest success ploy would be to have the artillery ride in front with the infantry providing support. The idea in most games is to get into the oppositions territory; the quicker you do that, the better.

Plan early and organize the available resources

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8. Attack is the best defense or defense is the best attack:

It’s often said that attack is the best defense, but it may not be the case with all gamers and in all games. The gamer must be very sure of what he wants to do with the limited resources in procession. As the fundamental goal is to make more money by winning some base, one has to eventually resort to attacking other territory. But be sure whether you want to attack or you want to be bit more conservative and defend. Mixing the two, without being the James Bond of strategy games, of course, can be a wrong idea.

Attack is the best defense or defense is the best attack in strategy games

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7. Once you have money at hand, buy resources:

One of the primary ideas in every game, other than killing your opponents, is to be able to gather as much cash as possible. This is how you will be able to gather more resources to advance ahead more strongly in the game. Now, with ample cash, you have the option to increase and upgrade you soldiers, artillery, hideouts and anything else that cash can be spent for in a game; that’s precisely what you should do. Where you want to spend more defines the core of your strategy. A miser won’t ever win a strategy game.

Once you have money at hand, buy resources

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6. Don’t stock resources:

Once new tasks are assigned, leftover resources from the previous levels may stand seized in most games. So the correct way is to use up all the resources you have in buying and upgrade to better defend units, vehicles, artillery and powerful soldiers as soon as possible. Stocking up the resources is a bad idea. Your goal is to win the game and resources at hand will mean nothing if you end up losing.

Don’t stock resources in strategy games

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5. Add firepower and airpower:

Besides collecting the extra defense units – if playing a war based strategy game – it is also important to get some siege weapons to destroy the enemy bunks, building and to add air units in your force. Air units could be expensive, but they are important for supporting your ground troops and ammunitions. There can be areas in the game where your infantry may not be able to reach, or there can be occasions when you need to destroy your opponent from all sides – this is where air units can be really helpful.

Add firepower and airpower in order to win strategy games

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4. Use harvesters:

To beat the opponent in a strategic game, you have to be more powerful and more analytical in your game. To be more powerful, you can use the resources to increase your troops, ammunition and other defensive and attacking equipment; however, you also need to invest in harvesters. Harvesters can help you gather more materials at once. Even when you end up losing equipment in battle, you can easily make them without wasting time.

Use harvesters

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3. Be attentive to powered attacks and plan surprise attacks:


If you want to be a good strategist, you have to be very attentive; you have to anticipate your opponent’s moves. The opponent can conduct mock ground attacks and end up destroying you base and troops. You have to be very careful and understand the opponent’s moves correctly to have the upper hand in attack. Plan your attacks early and surprise your enemy as and when possible.

Be attentive to powered attacks and plan surprise attacks in strategy games

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2. Scout the enemy:

Before you want to surprise your enemy with an attack, you have to be sure of the resources of your enemy. The best way to identify your enemy’s strength is to have scout units venture deep within the enemy territory. These scouts will give you all the vital information about enemy strength and strategy that will be vital when you are planning an attack. An attack without knowing your opponent can backfire; so, beware. The same applies to Chess; a knowledge of the opponent’s units and strategy gives a winning chance.

Scout the enemy

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1. Be least predictable, always be ready and innovative:


In a strategy game you can only be successful when your strategies are constantly evolving. If your moves and combinations are predictable, the game is as good as lost. Always try combining different things together so that you are less predictable in what you are doing. Defense is very important, no doubt. You cannot always rely on your resources in a battle. So, always be prepared to defend an attack and attack when the enemy is not expecting.

Be least predictable, always be ready and innovative to win strategy games

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