Top 10 WikiLeaks Leaks

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12:56 pm 27 Dec, 2010

WikiLeaks, initially, was not so popular until it unmasked the American Government after releasing stacks of diplomatic cables. Informations which it revealed, were shocking for the masses because till the date authorities and government officials had a different face for them. WikiLeaks leaks were enough to tell us what lies behind the curtains and how we are governed in a shadow of deceitful promises. From thousands of sensational revelations, this page lists ten most significant points which came out from Julian Assange’s website.

10. Rahul Gandhi’s Remark on Hindu Extremists:

In 2009, US ambassador, Timothy Roemer was introduced to the “Radicalized Hindu Group” by Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress. According to Mr. Gandhi, Hindu extremists can create political encounters as well as religious tensions with the Islamic community in India. This secret discussion was held at the residence of Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, where Hillary Clinton was invited on a dinner. However, Indian National Congress tried its best to make this issue a “closed chapter” but he was severely slammed by the opposition and was described as the supporting element of Pakistan. This revelation of WikiLeaks was enough to propel a great stir on the political landscape of India.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

9. U.S. Diplomats Making Mockery of World Leaders:

This whistle-blowing revelation of WikiLeaks was enough to disclose the obnoxious faces of American diplomats. Leak of this diplomatic cable, compelled U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to express regret before international media. According to this leak, Nicolas Sarkozy is considered as “an emperor with no clothes“, Hamid Karzai as “easily swayed” and Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi as buff of late night parties with “hard means”. Diplomats have also made the mockery of the country heads of Iran, Germany, Afghanistan, Libya, Zimbabwe and several prominent political faces across the world.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

8. Syria’s Supporting Hand To Hezbollah:

This leak of WikiLeaks reveals that Hezbollah is significantly supported by Syrian long-range rockets, guided missiles as well as with sophisticated weapons which can lead to a destructive war between Israel and Hezbollah. In May 2008, Lebanese minister of telecommunications, Marwan Hamadeh had informed the U.S. embassy about the communication network through fiber optic system between Hezbollah and Syria.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

7. Apache Helicopter Shooting:

Ignored by the mainstream media, this video was released on April 5, 2010, which exhibited the slaying of over a dozen innocent civilians by U.S. Military in Baghdad. This video of U.S. mission in July 2007 was disclosed by an intelligence analyst of United States, Private Bradley Manning. Manning, a 22 year old “War Hero” is presently imprisoned in Kuwait for revealing the gun-sight of Apache Helicopter. He was charged with manhandling the confidential information of American Army. We ask, is it a crime to expose war crime?

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

6. U.S. Policy To Remove Highly Enriched Uranium from Pakistani Nuclear Reactor:

According to a major revelation of WikiLeaks, the United States was skeptical over the security of Pakistani nuclear material. The U.S. expressed concern that Islamist militants can occupy these materials to support Taliban, which in turn, can create a problematic situation for their operation in Afghanistan. This skepticism, dragged the American experts to remove highly enriched uranium from a Pakistani nuclear reactor but due to domestic opposition, it was never carried.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

5. Apprehension Over Iran’s Nuclear Program:

According to one of the most significant WikiLeaks leaks, Arab nations have pleaded the United States to take aggressive steps against the nuclear program conducted by Iran. With a clear conception, King Hamad of Bahrain recommended a senior officer of U.S. Defense to barricade this ongoing program of Iran and stated that “the danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it.” In an other revelation from the same cable, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia advocated the United States to “cut off the head of the snake [Iran].”

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

4. China’s Intrigue to Hack Google:

Eventually, it busted in the conventional media that the project to hack Google in 2009 was conceptualized by the Communist Party of China. The order to intrude this search giant was given by Li Changchun, a significant member of China’s Politburo, who was criticized on Google for a genocide in Ireland. In 2006, entered in the Chinese market to compete Baidu, with its motto “Don’t Be Evil” but this filthy act compelled Google to close its internet services in China.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

3.  Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Account Hacked:

So, this hot-shot American politician was using private e-mail accounts to carry government business far away from the public scrutiny. However, a group of sophisticated hackers, known as “Anonymous”, cleared their way and hacked her yahoo account [email protected] In zip format, WikiLeaks disclosed the screen shots of her inbox, some family photos, address book and two example emails.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

2. Hilary Clinton’s order to spy U.N. Activities:

A confidential directive was passed by Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, to gather the passwords and other authentication keys of leading officials of the United Nations. American diplomats along with FBI and CIA were instructed by Clinton to conduct an espionage mission on UN activities, that might have alleged relationships with the terrorist organizations of Middle East. Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban-Ki Moon was the peak target of this spy mission.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks

1. Iraq War Logs:

Disclosing an endless list of civilian killings and bloody encounters, this earthshaking revelation demonstrated the actual face of US mission in Iraq. According to the biggest WikiLeaks leaks, approximately 109,000 casualties were recorded during 2004 to 2009, in which 66,081 were innocent civilians. Prisoners were treated inhumanly by American and British soldiers. Ironically, these “intimate details” were manifestly ignored by the top officials of US and British defense services.

Top 10 WikiLeaks leaks


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