10 Weird Things Most People Do When They Are Alone

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Updated on 31 Mar, 2018 at 2:26 pm


I think there is always a balance between what we want to achieve and what the realities are. This uncanny list of “social proof” makes one wonder what goes on in our head.

1. Taking random pics of yourself

Don’t be scared. We’re not trying to make you a professional, a hobbyist, an enthusiast but yeah you are one of those camera-toting flunkies who never drops the chance to take the most random pictures in different poses. You take pics in your best way and delete immediately after looking them until you find the most pleasing one…Dude, it’s going to be my Facebook DP.


2. Peeing with the bathroom door open

Ahh yes, peeing with the door open…. one of the many pleasures one can enjoy when one lives alone. Peeing with the door open means you’ve made it social-status speaking. This “open door policy” is a pleasure that combines the physical sensation with a sense of personal liberation and a hint of naughtiness. Who the hell is going to close the door when no one is around?




3. Talking loudly to yourself

You do it all the f***ing time when you are alone and then think how weird it is and you need to stop now. Quite funny when you argue yourself and convince yourself you are wrong, even though you know you are right, but know you’ve just argued with some valid points. Go ahead buddy, you think you are the sh*t with your fancy philosophy.



4. Dance

I seriously doubt that is there ANYWAY IN HELL that I could do that. Yeah, dancing alone is weird at first but I think everyone dances in alone even if they wouldn’t want to admit it. All kinds of creative thoughts, daydreams, and ideas come to our head when we are dancing. Losing all your inhibitions and letting yourself go with the music, even if you are not a dancer.



5. Fart out as loud as you can

When we are outside the house and there are people around, we excuse ourselves, go to not so distant place and give the blow in order to avoid the horrible smell and sound. But when you are alone, it becomes the greatest pleasure to fart freely without worrying about getting caught or killing everyone else in the room.



6. Walk around the house naked

WOW! Just … WOW! That was the most cleverly executed, intricate plan I have ever seen!
Well, I’ve never done it! Maybe after a shower if I somehow forgot clothes I might make a quick nudie dash to my bedroom but that hasn’t happened for some time now. Being naked at home is indeed relaxing and refreshing at the same time. It’s as if you have been freed from a long imprisonment.



7. Make stupid faces in front of the mirror

Dear Friends, it is said ‘mirror does not lie’. We not only check our face but also we check our smile as well to see whether we have a perfect smile at any given time. We also check our teeth (LOL). I don’t know how people managed when they do not have mirrors to check these things. “You look awful.” “You stink”. You don’t know how to dress up.” These are the voices we used to hear popping out from our throat. Phewww… the mere thought of talking to ourselves in front of the mirror used to freak us out.



8. Inside-the-underwear game

I am so spooked about this thread, that it has left me speechless. The act of scratching and rubbing inside your undies is very delighting. Yes, we have done this since we were very little. Along with our nuts….we scratch and smell. It’s an odd smell, Its one of those smells that you cant just smell once… it’s so odd that you find yourself smelling again and again.



9. Playing the music really loud

What!!!!!! What did you say? Oh ya, there is something unique about the loud music, as you can feel the bass in your whole body. We like to blast it because we just like to ignore everything else, close the eyes and enjoy the music we love! I always play my music really loud, it’s fun and you can escape the world.


10. Exploring the darkest depth of pornography

Okay, here is a different take:  What IF I DON’T look at porn…..what if I just resist and endure the pain…what is the worst that could happen? Heck, sometimes I think I’m crazy. When you’re fully addicted, you can see nearly ANYTHING happen on screen. All the moaning and groaning is off-putting though. It’s also one of the things that put us right off the idea of real sex. Different strokes for different folks.



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