Top 10 weird diseases

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 12:14 pm


Diseases or outbreaks of diseases are always a worry for everyone. The world has seen countless epidemics which have not only taken lives but also changed the way people live in many ways. While there are many diseases that we still do not have a cure for, a lot of progress has been made by medical science in many areas. The world has many different diseases which continue to baffle people and scientists alike. Weird diseases have a knack of surprising people with the many different mutations and forms. Here is a look at some of the weirdest diseases.

10. Dystonia:

Dystonia is a rare disorder that affects the muscles of a person in different ways. In most cases, the disease causes abnormalities in posture and muscle functions. Known to be a genetically transmitted condition, it is also induced through some infections and lead poisoning. The disease is incurable and the treatments include a limiting of the effects through physical rehabilitation.

9. Walking Corpse Syndrome:

A person affected by mental disorder tends to feel a death vibe with them. In advanced stages of the syndrome, people report to not being able to feel anything and also the presence of rotting skin and worms in their live bodies. Suicidal tendencies are common among affected people and sleep disorder is one of the things that can lead to this condition. Depressions and addictions can also lead to this peculiar disease and it occurs widely among users of cocaine and methamphetamines.

8. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome:

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is also known as micropsia is a rare yet baffling syndrome where a person’s perception is drastically altered. The images that are sent from the eyes to the brain are usually distorted in some way or another and most commonly people are unable to gauze the sizes or locations of objects. In some cases objects appear huge as compared to the real size and in some cases they appear very small.


7. Porphyria:

The Vampire Disease as it is popularly known, porphyria is a rare condition that is triggered by a fault in blood production and in particular hemoglobin production in a person’s body. The disease causes an irritation when a person is exposed to sunlight. Instant blistering of the skin and in some cases serious burns have also been seen with this disease. People also claim that this disease led to the birth of the Vampire legends especially in eastern Europe although the disease has existed since much earlier.

6. Pica:

It is a mental disorder which causes people to eat non edible stuffs. People affected by this condition develop an abnormal eating tendency wherein they can eat anything that they can find. Most commonly seen in infants and pregnant women, patients also develop an appetite for some food ingredients to an abnormal scale.

5. Werewolf Syndrome:

Made popular by a Mexican family who have men with hair all over their bodies and faces, the werewolf syndrome causes abnormal growth of hair on a person’s body. It is a rare genetic disease also known as hypertrichosis which can occur completely over a person’s body or in patches.

4. Argyria:

It is a disease that is induced by prolonged exposure to silver based compounds. It causes a graying of the human skin in localized areas or completely. The disease does not have any significant treatment and laser therapies have only helped slow the progress of the disease. People affected by this disease are advised to avoid prolonged solar exposure. It is also popularly known as Blue Skin Disorder as the skin develops a blue/gray color.

3. Dermatographia:

Extremely sensitive skin characterizes this disease. The slightest scratch or even the smallest of injuries can show up as a scar or a gash that may last for more than one hour. The hypersensitive skin of a person affected by this disease is often torn as they are unable to protect themselves. Prolonged bleeding also occurs in some cases.

2. Progeria:

One small flaw in the genes of a person causes this dreaded and rare condition where a person undergoes a rapid rate of ageing without normal growth. In most cases people live up to about 10-15 years and in the process age incredibly fast developing many different conditions and balding. The disease is a very rare one as about 50 people in the world today surviving with this disease.


1. Elephantiasis:

It is a parasitic disease that is cause by worms which are usually carried by female carrier mosquitoes. The mosquitoes inject the larva into a person’s skin and they reside in the bodies of their hosts sometimes for years before they are discovered. Random infections occur on people affected with this disease and it is fairly common in places which have a lot of mosquitoes. Most common effects of the disease include an abnormal enlargement of hands, feet and other extended parts of the body.

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