Top 10 wedding themes

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:18 am


Weddings are no longer about a simple ceremony with people. Today people’s weddings are as varied as they come. Theme weddings in particular have become popular with a lot of people around the world. It is simply not sufficient that there is a large scale difference in culture but the differences in the creative ideas that people put into their weddings are worth admiring and they also provide quite the entertainment for most people. Wedding planners have also added a lot of pizzazz to the process by adding in their own creativity. We will look at some of the most popular wedding themes.

10. Sports Themes:

Sports themes have become incredibly popular for a large number of people. The most popular sports theme is football and it is not very hard to guess how the theme would be thrown down. While there is the option of either to make it grand or even small scale according to resources available. Nonetheless it is a great way to get married especially if the people getting married share the love for sports.

9. Retro:

The retro theme is an evergreen hit with themes not just for weddings but for many different things. It is a great way to liven up the wedding celebrations by including everything retro into the frame. It is a classic theme that has been used often by people. The best retro themes come from the 1940s and the 1960s.

8. Fairytale:

The fairytale theme is also a classic theme for parties and celebrations. The costumes are varied and so can the rest of the arrangements which is an instant success with adults and children alike. The theme includes a lot of beautification which can all be done both at home and also professionally. The theme is a hit with people all over the world.


7. Seasons:

The seasonal theme can have many different variations according to the season or the seasons that you love. It is a perfect way to change things up and also provides a great deal of respite if you mix things up with the seasons and create a wintery theme in the summers. Professional services go into great details to deliver the theme as it were real.

6. Mythological:

The mythological theme offers so much variety that only people who have a specific love for some mythological background really go for it. The possibilities are limitless as you can pick up any culture from around the world and have a great theme wedding. Among the most popular mythological themes is the Norse theme and Greek themes.

5. The Beach:

Weddings on the beach have become a theme for many people today. What is amazing is that the theme is also offered without a beach by some professional service providers who will spare no lengths to ensure that you get your beach theme. The classic beach theme is a great way to get married too and you can also have a small vacation before or after.

4. Musical:

Musical themes are full of variety and color. The choices are also incredible with this theme as music from all over the world is available. It is also easy to recreate this theme if you give it some time and will go a long way in making your wedding a very memorable one. Most people also choose to make this theme livelier by dedicating or singing songs for the newlyweds.

3. Movie Themes:

Movie themes are also a fresh change when you consider the nearly infinite possibilities. Couples choose many romantic settings and even some dynamic ones as theme weddings based on movies. It is a great way to share some special movie images with your loved one. Movie themes are an amazing way to spice things up.

2. The Indian Theme:

There is no theme that is as colorful and alive as the Indian Wedding. The exceptional use of color and the amazing variety in the music and the food all make it worth it. The Indian theme also scores on the fact that the food is amazing and the costumes are all enriched in color.


1. The classic white wedding:

The classic white theme wedding is still among the most popular themes for weddings. The theme exuberates grace and is a hit with the ladies too. It lends serenity to the occasion which is hard to miss, the theme is ever popular with the ladies and is also easy to create and work with.