Top 10 websites that changed the world

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3:21 pm 11 Oct, 2011

From writing blogs to listening music, from buying books to booking flights and from the apex of Mout Everest to the darkest depth of Mariana Trench, the World Wide Web has overturned the way we live. TopYaps lists ten websites that changed the world and have turned into virtual wallpaper of our lives.

10. Craigslist:

Founded in 1995, by Craig Newmark as an email distribution list, Craigslist is an eminent network of online portals, boasting free online classified advertisements. Initially, grounded in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States, this website is currently covering 570 cities in 50 different countries with more than 80 million fresh classified ads per month.

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9. eBay:

A multi-billion dollar empire, eBay is a prominent Internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, founded by Pierre Morad Omidyar on September 3, 1995. This website offers a service according to which people and commercial enterprises can purchase wide variety of goods worldwide. eBay is an impecabble illustration of the dot-com bubble boom.

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8. WikiLeaks:

Exploring the damned policies of United States government and impacting the entire world by its sensational disclosures, WikiLeaks will be always adored by Internet users for showing them the actual things which happen “behind the curtains”. Founded on October 4, 2006, by Julian Assange, an Australian computer programmer and journalist, this whistleblower websites’ contribution for mankind is unparalleled.

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7. Napster:

Best known for being the first peer-to-peer file sharing online service, Napster was founded in 1999, by an American computer programmer Shawn Fanning and his uncle John Fanning. In 2008, Napster was purchased by Best Buy, an American retailer of consumer electronics, for 121 million USD. Despite of achieving success in business, this website changed the world.

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6. Yahoo:

Acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle, ” Yahoo was founded on March 1, 1995, by two electrical engineering students of Stanford University – Jerry Yang and David Filo. This web giant is best known for providing enormous services, such as search engine, messenger, web portal, mail, directory, news and etc.

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5. YouTube:

Formed by three former employees of PayPal – Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, this video sharing website is a household name and notable for displaying wide array of user-generated video contents. Because of this website, people have become aware of different cultures across the world and moreover they have accessed the power to travel the world in a single click. In November 2006, this website was purchased by Google for 1.65 billion USD.

4. Blogger:

This website is a blog-publishing service and was founded on August 23, 1999, by Pyra Labs, an American web application company. In 2003, this website was swept up by Google under unrevealed terms. After its acquisition, Google brought in some major features in this website, including web standards-compliant templates, individual archive, image handling, posting by email and comments.

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3. Facebook:

Harvard thing of a Harvard boy! A shy boy, Mark Zuckerberg with unusual reservoir of sureness and supremacy in Apache and Linux propelled a long journey of dense coding in his purposeless dorm-room of Harvard that ended with Facebook in February 2004. Influencing the entire world by its majestic charm, Facebook, in today’s scenario, constitutes more than 800 million active users from almost every corner of the world.

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2. Wikipedia:

Comprising a cosmic pool of over 19.8 million articles, Wikipedia is a collaborative online portal, endorsed by Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization of America. It was launched on Jnauary 15, 2001, by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. This website is available in 282 languages and its content is monitored by over 90,000 regularly active contributors.

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1. Google:

Founded on September 4, 1998, by two Ph.D. students of Stanford University – Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has been given the title of “God” by its users. Innkeeper of enormous Internet based products and services, Google is best known for dominating Internet search, advertising technologies and cloud computing.

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