Top 10 Ways to Stay Calm in Boiling Situations

10:00 am 15 Feb, 2013


The world we live in today is a haven for stress and anxiety. Hence, it is not surprising that we find ourselves in volatile and explosive situations every so often. Sometimes it is just the people around us; our colleagues, friends or manager or at times the nature of the work we do or our health or even our family that leads us to the frying pan to fire situation. While reacting instinctively when that happens is much easier, it is definitely not the best thing to do. So here is a list of some of the ways in which we could stay calm and collected in such situations.

10. Smile:

Yes, literally smile and laugh when in the middle of a vaporizing situation in order to stay calm. When we make the physical movement required to laugh or smile, we instantly feel carefree and happy while our anger subsides as well. Try it out, it’s simple and effective. And if it’s hard to get that smile on our lips; a re-run of FRIENDS or THE BIG BANG THEORY is sure to do the trick.

Smile to stay calm

9. Take a long hot shower:

There is just something soothing of being in a hot tub, cut off from the very world that is the cause of our concern. The key to dealing stressful situations better is to cut of the connection to the cause momentarily. What better way to do that other than de-stressing, recollecting our thoughts in peace along with giving ourselves a much needed rest. A shower is not only rejuvenating to the body but the mind as well.

Take a long hot shower

8. Do something we love:

It can be playing our favorite sport, watching our favorite sit-com or even shopping for that matter, but these activities can actually work miracles on our mental state in trying circumstances. Detaching ourselves helps us reach a level of composure that flushes the toxins within us and helps us start afresh. Something as simple and mindless as shopping actually can be a very good option when we find ourselves on the verge of bursting out.

Do something we love

7. Develop a mantra:


Several psychologists, especially those in sports, believe that have a mantra usually helps a person calm down faster in high pressure situations. It may be thinking about something that makes us happy or something that helps us realize the greater goal, but whatever be it; the fact is that repeating that mantra can help us stay calm and deal with any kind of pressure cooker situations.

Develop a mantra to help you stay calm

6. Meditation:

Mediation is known to promote relaxation and hence a good option to choose from when we end up in a soup. It has been scientifically proven that meditation helps improve our reaction to situations and also helps us control our emotions. Hence, for being better equipped to deal with volatile situations and to stay calm, meditation is a very good alternative.


5. Take time out:

Often it is better to walk out of a troublesome situation and decide on our next course of action in time. Sometimes that is the best way out as what might seem to be an earth-shattering situation could well be a trifle. Also, thinking our course of action through can actually save us a lot of pain. Confrontation and embarrassing circumstances can be greatly avoided if this mantra is strictly pursued.

Take time out to stay calm

4. Take criticism in good spirits:

Often nerve-wracking situations are the result of the reactions of our peers and friends to our work or efforts. We are built in such a way that accepting criticism can be a tad difficult. More often than not we take offence in the face of negative comments, moral digs and straightforward condemnation. However, instead of reacting if we can just take everything as constructive criticism; the entire boiling situation could be averted.

Take criticism in good spirits

3. Keep a level tone:

There could perhaps be a thumb rule in dealing with stressful situations to never shout! Yes, yelling is not the answer to a problematic state of affairs. Shouting at the top of our voice would probably lead to deterioration of the circumstances. So instead if we talk in an unaltered pitch, maintain calm and composure, changes are that the opposite party would tow our line too.

Keep a level tone

2. Identify the cause:

Sometimes disastrous events transpire inspite of our best efforts of aversion which more often than not lands us in a boiling situation. While retorting and fighting back aggressively is the first human instinct; it is perhaps sane and better to dig into the matter. It is always better to understand the cause of the effect. It goes a long way in diffusing the entire circumstances and leads to a quicker status quo.

Identify the cause

1. Stop and breathe:

Reacting instantly when things go out of hand is easy but what needs resolve and working is to stay calm and then respond. It certainly isn’t straightforward but not impossible either. The urge to react in a moment’s notice can well be controlled if we decide to stop, breathe a couple of times and gradually weigh the pros and cons of what we put out there in the form of words and actions. A few moments of this can actually go a long way in managing the circumstances better.

Stop and breathe in order to stay calm



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